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  1. How a Civic start at -13F / -25 C ?

    I haven't had any cold start issues in MN. My windshield fluid is frozen though, so, I don't know what kind of fluid was used from the factory.
  2. Flex Fuel Coming to Every KTuner Powered Car!

    Awesome news. Will I be able to run e85 with this? I know you stated its pointless with DI engines.
  3. Sport/touring owners do you use premium fuel?

    93/92/91 whatever is available to me.
  4. GAS Civic Hatchback Spoiler

    add me to the list. Is there any way you can get pics of a full side shot view of the car?
  5. 1.5T 3" Greddy exhaust is out in Nov for HB Sport....

    Super Street Mag put this on their sport hatch. 3inch piping, and it looks good! I will def buy this in the spring time.
  6. Civic Hatchback Sport OEM rims for winter?

    I'm going to use the oem wheels for winter and use a new set for the summer.
  7. All Aftermarket performance based modifications for the 10th gen 1.5T SS is doing a modified series with their hatchback. Greddy has an intercooler and exhaust. The exhaust looks nice.
  8. (Update: 10 in stock )ARK Performance catback for 2017 Hatch Sport (pics and sound clips)

    Super Street mag did a test with a Greddy SP exhaust on their test hatchback. 3 inch. Made minimal gains, but, the exhaust looked great.
  9. Before and After Window Tints! (2017 Hatch)

    Is the back wing just held onto by double-sided tape? My tint shop is charging 220+75 for removal of wing.
  10. Type R steering wheel install

    Where is the best place to get these? From Honda? Link please!
  11. Ebay PU leather arm rest covers over cloth (install)

    Thanks a bunch for posting this. I just got the center console in today, and, thought I got the wrong stuff. Will tackle it later.
  12. Paint Defect

    My red hatchback had tons of spots and marring from the residue when I bought it. I went home and clay barred it myself. Hondas lack of new car delivery is lacking.
  13. DEPO full LED headlights (Type R Style) for halogen models

    Post up install pics when you guys get them. I'm interested if they are plug n play. I have depo tail lights on my Evo, no issues.
  14. Mangaflow exhaust for the Civic Hatchback Sport

    looks good. What will pricing be?
  15. 2017 Civic Sport BORLA CATBACK S TYPE

    Only if you were closer to me.
  16. Possibly a stupid question about E85

    Yes, custom tune for e85.

    Sounds good! Better videos please.