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  1. California Artwork Bodyshop rear diffuser

    What fitment does this one allow? I'm using Boost logic titanium Valved exhaust. let me know if you know the answer.
  2. Fuel Use at Track?

    1 and 2/3 tank over 4 session. I used E35 blend and its like keep refilling it to make it at least half tank full.
  3. Let’s Talk Brake Upgrades for Track Use

    My question to that part is the same. No data show to what degree it helps with the brake cooling. Besides, its actually not so hard to make air ducting youself, so even harder to justify the price.
  4. RSR Springs?

    RSR spring are pretty much spoon spring with red paint. Spoon sping is supplied by RSR.

    Champion White on stock wheel. Same tire width but 35 aspect ratio.

    Not sure if this is wider. Shoting good photos are hard for me.

    Used 3 months, mint condition. My long waited Spoon one comes so the EPR can go now. Off the car now. Details please PM. Local pickup or deliver perfer. Shipping Via buyer's expense. $1600 or best offer, accepting Paypal, Zelle, or Cash.
  8. EVS Rollcage Install

    if you need to reuse the stock bolt location you will need to becareful, some location is not suitable to support loads. For what I see, most strong will be welded, then custome drill holes then reuse stock bolts location.
  9. Fan Assisted Oil Cooler Set-Up…?

    It‘s on their website, I'll suggest you contact them directly since not sure how worst it can get. If you live in Socal where not much rain then pretty sure track version is not a problem daily, I know someone with the track version and dirve daily no issue in socal.
  10. EVS Rollcage Install

    front seat and reat seat are pretty simple, just remove bolts and all plugs. Roll cage you will need to either drill holes or weld to the car.
  11. Fan Assisted Oil Cooler Set-Up…?

    As seem several modification on the cooling, get a opend hood seems to be the most effecient. (with a race louver or just buy a fk7 hood and cut the hole) Then, it will be tube&fin radiator (some issue with PWR's race radiator since they claim it may cause overheat in a humid environment)...
  12. Fan Assisted Oil Cooler Set-Up…?

    water spray will work better than the fan, it doesn't do much after your reach over 30 mph and block some air after that speed. I'll say try to get a water hose from the windshield sprayer that you can control with oem stick and spray at times you like.
  13. Oil temperature on track

    Simple, just change oil more frequently. daily car usually change around 10000 miles and if you track a lot just do 7000 or 5000 miles interval.
  14. Lowbeam on and off randomly

    Curious to see if anyone has the same issue. Currently My driver side morimoto headlight will not function properly that the low beam turns off and on. (running for over a year by now) It turns on at night for some time and then it will turn off for some time then light on and continue (around...
  15. Oil temperature on track

    it won't, it will just make you reach 260 slower. 2 laps later for precise. without some serious cooling mod the car will always get to 260+ oil temp on hot days (over 85), if you are fast enough. I won't worry about cooling unless you are experiencing it.
  16. Anyone has any experience with EPR international product?

    Pass Visual inspection for me. Some resin did not clean well in parts of the mounting holes so you need to clean them, but overall it looks fine. Will be track testing the EPR kit at March. Ordered the spoon one as well but since not sure when it will arrive I just put this on before I got the...
  17. Front Sway Bar Upgrade!!

    Did it with Whiteline. Stiff up a bit but I can't feel too much of different in the front end. The rear is pretty noticeable that the car willing to rotate faster. You will need to drop the subframe to swap the front sway bar.
  18. Type r steering wheel removal

    30 mins to get to the clock spring
  19. Hydraulic Hood Lifts Anyone?

    Yes I did it backward, but lazy to switch it back