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  1. 2023 Nissan Z going for +60k in Canada?

    So it's only advantage is now gone. Well done, dealers.
  2. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    It's terrible how backed up replacement parts are for a lot of manufacturers.
  3. Parts for Sell

    Enjoy it. V8s are fun as hell.
  4. Flex fuel kit

    You've got a hatchback so I'd be less worried about the cvt and more so the rods.
  5. Good All-Season Tires?

    I agree with this and also want to say that my '18 needed an alignment at it's first maintenance service. It was just outside of spec a year and ~5k miles after purchase. The roads where I was the first few months of ownership were rough.
  6. EPA lawsuits

    I agree it's shady, he is in the process of contacting his lawyer. It was an Afe Takeda catted downpipe for a Veloster N.
  7. EPA lawsuits

    I read about something interesting regarding these epa lawsuits. In another forum a user was having an issue with their aftermarket downpipe causing codes. Turned out that his downpipe was cracked along a poor weld next to the cat and, upon removal, it broke in two. He contacted the manufacturer...
  8. Flames on Deceleration

    Oh cool. You were able to get a turbo solution done? I remember you had asked in one of your threads. Were you able to get in contact with the thread creator I linked back then or did you piece something together yourself? Would love to hear about it, we need more people attempting these things.
  9. EPA Regarding Catless DP passing Inspection blah blah

    Take a look at your state's dmv website and find your county. It looks like a lot of counties have an anti-tampering inspection, so they'll look for the cat and fail you if they don't see it.
  10. Hyundai Veloster N vs Honda Civic SI vs VW GTI

    Switching to 18's is a very common thing I've seen. I don't want to break a CivicX rule by linking anything, but a search for a related forum will lead you to a wheel and tire section that has people's experiences in what widths and offsets work well. For reference, the factory 19's are 19x8...
  11. Gaz price

    $3.85 today.
  12. car accident question.

    I'm 99% sure it is a new spam account. This is what they do. Generic response to a dead thread or 2. Sometimes they comeback and edit in a small link somewhere in the posts. Typically happens in the off-topic section.
  13. Exhaust or Wheels ?

    Wheels and sticky tires would be my choice since you already have a muffler delete. Unless you don't like the muffler delete anymore, then I'd understand wanting to switch it up.
  14. Who else has low mileage?

    I had 11,200 miles when I sold my 2018 in October. I wouldn't sell unless you want to shop new, know exactly what you're looking for, and know you can get it without a mark up. The used market is a complete dumpster fire.
  15. CVT Flex Fuel Tune

    No idea. Look in the regional section and see if there's anyone in the area who might know.
  16. CVT Flex Fuel Tune

    You'll need/want to get a custom tune. If there's nobody local you trust, you could contact Drob at IMW or John Vega at Phearable and see if they'll do an etune.
  17. Gaz price

    Should be a ... with an arrow next to it. It's to the right of the report function. Tap that and you can edit or delete.
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    The finish on your car is amazing. Holy hell it's slick. Nice job! ?
  19. Gaz price

    It's $3.53 a gallon for 93 here. It's up about 30 cents from this time last year. The year before that it was below $3. *Prices are from the same station.
  20. Turbo for 2.0L 2019

    There's only 1 person I know of who did it. This is a link to his thread that was locked. He made another as an update later on. You'll have to contact him somehow if you are determined to do this.