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  1. Maryland Part Out

    Where in Maryland are you locate? Im in the philly area and im interested in the mugen visors
  2. Michigan Front end accident, need parts and/or advice

    I got headlights. Can sell both for 300 plus shipping
  3. California 2020 OEM CTR Shifter w/ Stage 2 Acuity Bits

    Would you do 100 shipped?
  4. Touch volume control not working?

    Was there a fix for this on any newer updates or is it still not available?
  5. Canada - Manitoba WTB: Cold air intake Non-Si (2018 hatch turbo 1.5t)

    I have a injen cold air intake basically brand new but I imagine shipping to Canada will be a bit expensive
  6. New York FS: OEM Type-R engine cover (fits LX & Sport)

    Does this come with the 3 bolts to install on the engine and hold the cover on?
  7. New Jersey Fkx grill brand new for sale

    I’m in deptford nj
  8. New Jersey Fkx grill brand new for sale

    What part of jersey? Can you meet in Camden or cherry hill?
  9. Connecticut Ktuner for sale

    Reread this original post and think about it.
  10. California FS: Civic Sedan Tail Lights

    Where did u get the rear diffuser?
  11. APK Install

    Lol you’re a 10th gen owner as well so by your own words you’re a piece of shit haha
  12. APK Install

    Holy shit someone got butthurt
  13. APK Install

    You’re a idiot. Honda hack is a trusted application. Do some research before you ask a simple question that can be searched in the forums. And by the way I’m pretty sure you need a separate xm module for it to work on the head unit