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  1. How many years did your factory battery last?

    Over 6 years and counting. Harsh winters too. Only 66k kms on the vehicle.
  2. Class action lawsuit for Honda16-18 Civic AC?

    The condenser is covered under a 10 year complimentary (free) extended warranty from Honda. If you've purchased an extended manufacturer warranty and are still within the timeframe of the coverage, the compressor is 100% covered. You need to contact Honda Corp. as the dealer is lying.
  3. Bought out my lease 😎

    Just the condenser, not the entire a/c system. Compressor and evaporator are common failures as well. Believe me, I know first hand as do many of us. I need a new condenser(for the second time), and this time the compressor also needs replacement. Condenser is covered under the extended 10 years...
  4. Bought out my lease 😎

    Honda only extended the warranty on the a/c condenser. Not the entire a/c system. The other major components, compressor and evaporator are well known to crap out and they cost thousands to repair. Rear shocks and wheel bearings are a common failure as well. With how cheap their warranty is, I'd...
  5. Bought out my lease 😎

    If you can extend the manufacturer warranty, I would. Honda's extended manufacturer warranties are relatively cheap and it's only a matter of time before your a/c starts giving you issues.
  6. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    I agree. But the price gouging is going both ways. You see what people are asking for their used FK8's?
  7. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    In Canada, it's a great time to buy new. Because used cars have inflated in value, and it's illegal for dealers to price gouge on new vehicles so we get them for msrp.
  8. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    Can't see that considering the FL5 will be far more rare due to extremely limited production.
  9. Is anyone thinking of trading in their FK8 Type R for the new FL5 Type R ?

    Production is rumored to be so limited, that it can't flop. I disagree. If you have a type r to trade or sell, the inflated value of it will offset the inflated value of the new purchase. I agree with you if you don't have a good car to trade or sell.
  10. Leaked: 2023 Civic Type R early look on Honda Japan website! 📸

    I don't know what lots they are rotting on, sounds like some made up Reddit bs. I am on the wait list for one and expect delivery in November.
  11. Sam's club fuel causing problems?

    This happened to my car one day a few times. Went away on its own. It happened to my co workers, he was under warranty and they replaced the fuel injectors. Then, two weeks later it happened again to him, and they replaced spark plugs. Then he got rid of the car. Only had 20k kms on it.
  12. DIY refrigerant recharge experiences

    When a vehicle is declared a total loss, the manufacturer voids all warranty. It's not just Honda, they all do it.
  13. Need to replace Hankooks...

    I would get 4 new tires, and sell the other ones. Mismatched tires would drive my ocd nuts!
  14. DIY refrigerant recharge experiences

    Filled mine with a can last month, only lasted about 10 days.
  15. CR-V AWD Swap?

    Umm, no. It's an attitude. Try again!
  16. CR-V AWD Swap?

    Go by whatever source suits your opinion. It's very capable. And, what's with the attitude? They're just cars, relax.
  17. CR-V AWD Swap?

    Carwow did it in 12.3, car and driver did it in 12.5, motorweek did it in 12.5. So my reply to that is, "um no", low to mid 12's is what it's testing at. I am sure you'll see many different times out there, but the one thing for certain is the times it is capable of laying down is very impressive.
  18. Air Conditioning Reliability

    The entire AC system in these cars are garbage. Honda needs to warranty the whole thing. They want $2k from me for a new compressor. Then it'll crap out again a year or two later. Forget that!
  19. CR-V AWD Swap?

    AWD is far superior in getting the power down. A stock golf r can do 0-60 in 4 seconds flat! 1/4 mile in low 12s. Yes, the type r is better around a track. But I use my car as a daily driver, not the track.