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  1. California Intake for Mishimoto 2017-2020 Civic SI (CARB EO#: D-759-8)

    Carb valid for 2017 2018 si only.
  2. Need part number

    Maybe #6?
  3. Front tow hook (strap) solution for 2020+, no bumper modification required
  4. 27WON Turbo inlet install stuck! Need help!

    Instructions pic does not shows any bolt there so my guess would be to remove it. Might want to contact Vincent @27won to confirm.
  5. Replace Engine Cover Lower Assembly for 2018 Hatchback EX
  6. What's your SI looking like today?

    Having hipec surgery to remove as much cancer they can see. Thanks.
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Wash, spray detail and cover before my surgery in two days. 😂. Won't be driving her in awhile.
  8. Blown engine?

    Guessing you are tuned. Head?
  9. Engine replacement w/different model car.

    I would ask your mechanic who put the engine in.
  10. Engine replacement w/different model car.

    Part site label the hose that goes there as "Hose, Warmer Inlet/0utlet (CVTF WARMER HOSE)". Guessing for CVT engine?
  12. 27WON Performance Big Brake Kit Launches for the Honda Civic

  13. Ethos graphene matrix 2.0 beta

    Would like to try their stuff one day. Ordered on 20th of April. Still waiting for them to ship the stuff....
  14. What's your SI looking like today?

    Nice. Debating between the k165 vs dsk165.
  15. How far can I go with weight reduction? Might help
  16. New York FOR SALE Prl FMIC/chargepipes $699

    I believe that's his zip for shipping quote...
  17. Should I run a BOV or no?
  18. Coilovers