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  1. FK8 valves after 40K miles w/no oil catch can

    While I had my IM off I decided to look down the intake runners just to see how dirty the valves were. Car has 41K miles and hasnt had an oil catch can until recently. I did wipe the sides of the runners before shooting this video but not down by the valves where it splits off into two halves...
  2. Michigan WTB: Hondata Flashpro Race

    Wtb a flashpro race version for a 2017-2021 USA Type-R. Paying by Paypal.
  3. WTB: Flex Fuel Kit and Flashpro for Type-R

    Let me know if you have one for sale and whats the price.
  4. Cheap Aftermarket Car Cover for Type-R ($75)

    In case someone wants to spend less money on a car cover for their type-r, I found one that fits it very well. My R is on Spoon springs and the cover hangs about 1 inch from the ground on both sides. Nice elastic on the front and back as well as a reinforced grommets and clip strap on the sides...
  5. Post Your E-tune Dyno Results/is E-tune worth it?

    Car has KN drop in filter and Perrin intercooler running only 93 octane. Im currently on the Ktuner stage 1.1 tune and I advanced timing 1.5 degrees from 5K to redline. I am thinking about getting it e-tuned with Innovative Motorworks. Do you guys think that the E-tune would be worth the $400 or...
  6. FS: PRL Street (catted) Downpipe

    SOLD! Selling a PRL catted downpipe. Used for about 300 miles according to the previous owner. I bought it as a package deal and dont need this downpipe. Comes with all original hardware and the gaskets were not used so its basically like buying right from PRL. SOLD!. Paypal fee and shipping...
  7. WTB Carbon Fiber Hood near Michigan

    Looking for a CF or other material hood with more holes in it than the factory hood. Can be either painted CW color or carbon fiber. Pickup near or in Michigan
  8. Ktuner Torque Request Not Working

    Update: I figured it out. my mistake not ktuner's Type-r here. I opened the stage 1.1 tune and modified all of the torque request tables to mimic the ones from the stage 1 tune. I made comfort, sport and r+ modes all have the same torque request for all 6 gears. Uploaded the tune to the car...
  9. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    If anyone has the new PTP downpipe elbow blanket please post some thoughts on it. I'm also wondering if you can retain the factory heatshield with this blanket. I think that using this blanket along with reflective heat tape on the intake tubing and heatshield would really help keep the IAT down...
  10. Used OEM Suspension Parts

    Used parts in good condition. All prices are with shipping and paypal fees included. Right rear upper control arm $40 Left rear upper control arm $40 Right rear trailing control arm $50 Right rear spindle assembly $70 Right front strut parts - offer
  11. Rays Gram Lights 57CR Wheels Rims 19x9.5 +45 Bent

    $60 per wheel Selling four damaged Rays Gram Lights wheels. Size is 19x9.5 +45mm offset with a 5x120mm stud spacing. Each wheel has three pictures of it (front, damaged area, and back). The first three wheels will seal a tire and hold air while the last one wont. Price is per wheel. Located in...
  12. Super Clean Type-r For $26777

    Cleveland OH 2017 with 23500 mi
  13. delete please

    found what I was looking for. Lock please