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  1. AC repairs and recharge

    I was covered I believe under the extended warranty Honda issues for the condenser. The condenser was leaking.
  2. AC repairs and recharge

    AC condenser was replaced then had freon recharge. Covered under warranty.
  3. AC repairs and recharge

    I did buy the Honda extended warranty for 8 years 125,000 miles. I have 4 years 4 months at 58,000 on the car. I'm going to call Honda tomorrow to make an appointment. I'm just wondering what's covered under that warranty.
  4. AC repairs and recharge

    What repairs and maintenance does Honda cover under their extended warranty plan for the AC system? I'm throwing out lukewarm air in warm weather so I got to have the AC looked at, At a minimum, I will need a refrigerant charge. 2016 Honda Civic Touring. There is some refrigerant left because at...
  5. Dirty throttle body

    2.5 years ago I did $4,000 worth of damage to my car by hitting a curb at 2 mph. One of the things replaced was the intercooler. The body shop forgot to put in two of the three o-rings required. For a month I kept misfiring until the engine was warm, milage off by 10 mpg. Spark plugs had to be...
  6. Dirty throttle body

    Car's got 45,000 miles. Maintain car at the dealer by the book. I'll wait until I get 100,000 miles on the car to have them clean it.
  7. Dirty throttle body

    No issues at all. I turned down the job. If Honda gives me problems going forward I have both receipts showing the descrepancy. Went to Autozone, CSR said it looks like a rip off if I'm not showing any symptoms.
  8. Dirty throttle body

    Brought car into the dealer for a recall warranty work. Can someone explain how in the heck does my car have a dirty throttle body where (A) I use nothing but Top Tier gasoline in my car and (B) the car was at the dealer last month (1000 miles ago) and the multi-point inspection showed a clean...
  9. Battery or radio on too long?

    I sometimes wonder what Honda put on my 2010 CRV. I bought a 2012 Prius but kept the CRV. Found out real fast that if I left the CRV sitting for three days that I needed a jump to start. Ended up getting rid of the CRV because Honda dealer couldn't solve my problem saying there was no excessive...
  10. Battery or radio on too long?

    Had test done on battery and alternator. Tests shows alternator and starter has no problems, battery marginal. Pep Boys wouldn't give me a written copy of the test results.
  11. Battery or radio on too long?

    I'll have them do a check, assuming they have time to do it. I'll report back either way.
  12. Battery or radio on too long?

    Assuming my charging system is OK, I arrived in Aberdeen at 5 AM after driving some 50 miles, so the battery should have been totally charged. I'm going to ask Pep Boys if they can run a load test on the Honda battery before installing the new battery.
  13. Battery or radio on too long?

    I got the biggest one that can fit the car without modification.
  14. Battery or radio on too long?

    When I was a teenager my old man would yell at me if I ran the car radio without running the car engine. Back then you had a generator to charge the battery, not an alternator, and you had tube radio, which took a lot of power and took forever to warm up. Fast forward to yesterday. Old man would...
  15. Battery or radio on too long?

    Just placed order for new battery at Pep Boys. Getting it installed tomorrow morning.
  16. Battery or radio on too long?

    Going to go with Pep Boys but will check Walmart before ordering. Looking at Bosch Platinum Series AGM Battery.
  17. Battery or radio on too long?

    Getting ready to do that, but I defenitely will not be going to the dealer for replacement.
  18. Battery or radio on too long?

    I was at Aberdeen Maryland this morning in my role as photographer for Blue Cheetah Bunny Run. Since I was early, I just sat in my 2016 Honda Civic Touring with car in accessory mode listening to the radio (CNN). Temperature was 40 degrees. I managed to run the battery down after an hour of...
  19. 40,000 miles and counting

    Your doing better than I am, I got 15,000 and already had two oil changes.