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  1. Spoon Sports Thermostat

  2. Spoon Sports Thermostat

    New in box Spoon sports thermostat $130 firm plus shipping.Found a spare lying around.
  3. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    rubs both front and back, with a +38 set up for track I’ll still rub ?‍♂️
  4. ICB Vision Wide side mirriors

    ***SOLD*** ICB/Vision wide angle side mirrors. New never used just had an extra set I found $80 my loss your gain. If your gonna ask these are better than spoon as they come with more sticky backs and have a suction cup to help installation.
  5. Powerhouse Amuse - R1 Titan Exhaust

    I contacted bulletproof a when I first got my r about the amuse exhaust. Wait times and no final design was the biggest issue. Right now no one has the exhaust, It's nice but the price at $4k isn't for the faint of heart. As @SpicyMcFatburger said its all about brand name credit. I still can't...
  6. Essential cooling mods?

    modified grill and a better vented hood...
  7. Js Racing Exhaust
  8. Prevent engine bay heat

    Did we just bring out credentials... OMG, I am so impressed you are a processing developer. How about you take your engineering and actually do some work instead of making peanuts and being a keyboard commando. ‍♂️ by your list of cars past and present seems like your a engineering helper
  9. Prevent engine bay heat

    got something to say than what the op wanted, didnt think so. Stick to the topic of overheating
  10. Prevent engine bay heat

    bring your type r out then.. I'm an engineer coming from "backyard special" reasoning from yourself I'd love to see the underglow you wired up to your Si Ceramic coating, thermal coating, etc. Every company has its claims. Cerakote is normally what I found easily available for the normal...
  11. Prevent engine bay heat

    Last I checked this was the type r threads..why is it all the si's having all the "in the know" As for the heat management the the current platform lacks airflow to the radiator and the vents hood, fenders don't get the heat out as much as you think..
  12. Mishimoto products vs PRL products

    Both companies have pros and cons. Mishimoto stands up with social media and "track testing/dyno" PRL has made their dyno graphs posted. My experience Mishimoto, ehh decent quality and great packaging, fits fine with OEM parts. PRL normally a cnc'd part but lacks instructions. I have seen turbo...
  13. Prevent engine bay heat

    Entire Airbox, and the cold side intake piping should be gold wrapped. I thermal coated every pipe and heat shield. I'll hold 27 psi at over 100 degrees in Phoenix.
  14. Blow Off Valve - Type R

    That was my review, due to work I rarely have time to be more in-depth as with previous threads
  15. Blow Off Valve - Type R

    If you want the sound yes a upgraded intake or panel filter will give you that sound you might be looking for. Should you want a true VTA BOV just get a turbosmart BOV, this is not for the faint of heart as you may come into installation issues and adjustments is PITA. I have an aftermarket...
  16. GiroDisc and HEL SS lines Review

    No the cost to make a traditional rotor is cheaper, with this having 2 sections and more parts in regards to serviceability it would cost more. In the end this upgrade is something you need to ask yourself if you would need.
  17. GiroDisc and HEL SS lines Review

    Its just routing, its not like stock so you have to maneuver the lines more.