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  1. My apologies

    Wanted to apologize for what seemed like a foolish decision on my behalf. A few days ago I posted that I was selling Crystal Black, to what according to someone on here seemed like an impulse buy. I had to take a step back and actually think about it. I wanted this car since I was in Korea...
  2. Selling 2018 Crystal Black CTR less than 1000 miles

    Car has less than 900 miles. Garage kept since day one, ceramic coating, original wheels and a winter set as seen in photo. Inbox me if interested. Price is $39k. Only selling because I’ve become interest in the Tesla model 3, and don’t want to risk a trade in.
  3. Selling 2018 CTR

    Car has less than 1000. Garage kept since day one, ceramic coating, winter set of wheels as well as stock wheels. Inbox me if you are interested. Price is 39K
  4. Two days with Crystal

    I spent months, maybe even a year reading through the CTR post trying to see if I truly wanted this car. After two days (150 miles), I am definitely excite about my purchase. The wait was worth it. My local dealer (purchased about 5 cars from them) called me and told me they were getting one in...
  5. Took delivery of my Crystal Black 2018 CTR

    Said goodbye to my 2017 Honda CSi, and hello to my 2018 CTr. Haven't been this excited about a car since my 2011 CSi. Not looking to do much to this one, but I do have some winter wheels on the way. TN winters aren't the best. Definitely going to be my daily driver. This a long with a clear bra...
  6. Wheel and Tire purchase

    I pick up my 2018 Black CTR tomorrow and was wondering the best place to buy a set of fall/winter wheel/tire set up? I've looked on Tirerack and was wondering if there were any better deals? I live in TN and we get chill weather with snow. Any help would be greatly appreciated?
  7. Exterior detail

    curious how often you guys get a exterior detail done. Not just a normal wash and wax but a good hand wash, clay bar and hand wax. I was thinking ever four months or so (change of season).
  8. New 2017 CSI

    Happy to be a part of the crew....