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  1. Sticky/crunching Shifter on Type Rs?

    2018 CTR. Currently at 21k miles. 1st/2nd/4th crunching but not grinding, crunching not to severe so I can live with it. Changed Hybrid racing short shifter @ 15k huge improvement on crispy engage feeling but crunching still persists. Changed ACdelco friction modified trans oil 2 weeks ago, much...
  2. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter

    Anyone with Hybrid shifter ran into issue with alignment? I kind of had to push toward front really hard in order to line up the 4 bolts. By doing this means creating a lot of compression to the out-layer of cable. I finished installation and car runs ok. Just curious if that's normal or not.
  3. FKX FK8 carbon/alcantara steering wheel

    For a swap or buy-off? If it's a buy-off then it's a steal! Please do share some photos after install.
  4. FKX FK8 carbon/alcantara steering wheel

    No sir haven't pulled the trigger. Guess I will wait a little longer.
  5. How important is swapping out to aftermarket wheels?

    I regret not to swap to 18" earlier.
  6. Is it safe to use CRC Intake Valve cleaner on the 1.5L turbo

    Any new findings, sir? I plan doing this as well but some other reviews with engine error codes scare me. I have a 2018 Type R with no catch can....
  7. FKX FK8 carbon/alcantara steering wheel

    Just wondering if anyone has installed this: How's the quality and fitment??
  8. Tow Hooks?

    Bumped this. Do you know how to remove the rear cover piece where the factory tow hook is to attach?
  9. (Houston, TX area) FK8 Type R OEM wheels and tires (sold)

    Tires have roughly 4000 miles of daily driving. No track or racing abuse ever. $1000 local pick up. Location Houston, TX
  10. Buzzing sound when depressing clutch pedal at 5-6k rpm

    Hey man thanks for the update. I am just too lazy to find another dealer to look at. All the sounds come from around 5000rpm so I just avoid that range for now.
  11. S2000 Titanium shift knob Anyone know if this will fit on FK8 no issues?
  12. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    Vividracing included these aluminum rings in my CE28SL order. Funny thing is that I found the rings are actually loose with wheels installed. I stick my finger to push it and it moves.
  13. low profile long reach jack

    @Tim818 Is this long enough to reach the center jack points both front and rear? Thanks.
  14. low profile long reach jack

    Can this HF low profile jack work on an SUV too? I have a Lexus NX which is not super high in ground clearance but definitely a lot higher than a Type R.
  15. Buzzing sound when depressing clutch pedal at 5-6k rpm

    I went to the dealer twice for this issue. The first time they put some padding around “the area” and it slightly reduced the noise/vibration. I couldn’t know where “the area” is because my advisor didn’t know either and didnt bother to find out for me. The second time they claimed they test...
  16. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    Anyone knows the proper way to install Ray's valve stems? I pretty much hand tightened (should be less than 8 ft-lbs) until the rubber seal is compressed to half thickness. Not sure if it is correct... Mine is CE28SL PG 18x9.5
  17. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Any difference with Cusco upper brace?
  18. Official Polished Metal Metallic Type R Picture Thread

    PMM didn't impress me like wow at the first time. However I am 100% sure I will never ever be sick of it in my entire ownership. Sonic grey or similar type of grey is never my type. I will rather choose white if I like the brighter look.