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  1. California FS: D2 Coilovers Civic SI

    Hello everyone, I have not been here in a long while. I have a set of D2 Coilovers for sale. These were used on my Honda Accord 2018 2.0, but they were actually made for the SI 2017+. They drop in nicely for both cars. I have around 6k miles on them and am selling because I am debating about...
  2. California FS: Enkei Vulcan wheels 18x8 45mm offset

    Hello, I have a set of Enkei vulcans for sale LOCAL (91710) only. These are 18x8 45mm offset. One wheel is curb rashed but I was able to touch it up. Please let me know if you have any questions. The tires are Vredestein Quatrac Pro 5, only a few thousand miles were used on them. AGAIN LOCAL...
  3. California FS: Parting out PARTS

    Long time no talk here in the Civic forums! My car currently got totaled and I wanted to sell what I had left of it. All items were pulled out from my car and can be shipped except the HIC visors. My totaled car was the 2016 Honda civic lx. LOCAL preferred 91710 area. All my prices are...
  4. Ktuner V2 [SOLD]

    Posted this on the Facebook pages as well. Original box and all wiring plus stickers are included. I also will include a mount. Price is $500 willing to ship. I loved the tuner but I need to save money on gas and college now. Willing to ship at buyers expense. still paired with my car but I'll...
  5. (SOLD) Gloss black Duckbill for Sedans

    You may have seen my post in the forums about my duckbill. The product is in great shape and only had it on for a good 2 weeks. I simply didn’t like it and instead of going through the return process I’ll just sell it on here if anyone is interested. Duckbill is off the car and ready to go! I...
  6. WTB: Civic 2.0 intake

    Hello I am looking to purchase an intake for my 2.0 Civic non turbo. Please let me know what you have.
  7. AC PROBLEM finally on warranty

    Just passing this info down from FB. 10 years unlimited mile warranty on AC condenser leaks. ;) .
  8. [Sold] FS: Mugen Style Window Visors

    I have Mugen Style Window Visors. 30 dollars shipped or cheaper if local pickup (California) please let me know. This was for my sedan
  9. [SOLVED] Ktuner check engine

    my check engine light went on after flashing a base map tune 1 with improved throttle response 2? Anyway to get around that?
  10. WTB: ktuner v2

    I want to buy a ktuner v2. Looking for a good price on them! Please HMU!
  11. 2.0L Intake Options

    I have a 2.0 Civic and I was wondering what are the best options there are for intakes. I know about Aem, k and n, and injen intakes. Do you guys have any experience with any of these? Any recommendations on which one I should get? Also planning on getting a ktuner v2 soon.
  12. Suma Performance Anti Glare Mirror *Install*

    I know there has been threads already made for this, but I wanted to write a tutorial on how to install this quick project. It's a fairly easy process but I know there are people out there that might need help so here you go! Product link...
  13. Oil Panel Screw

    i got an oil change done at Firestone and I barely noticed now that either both screws fell off or Firestone just did not put it in at all. Does anyone which screws go into here ?
  14. ECU reset?

    I installed an AEM drop in air filter and I was wondering if a ecu reset is required?
  15. Tire and Wheel Setup

    Hello! What do you guys think of this setup? Kumho Ecsta Lx platinum 235/40r18 on enkei vulcan wheels. +40 offset Do you guys have any suggestions? Will I run across any issues on this specific setup? If you guys can suggest different tires at around the same cost that are much better please...
  16. 2018 Si Rims on Civic Sedan?

    Does anyone have pictures of 2018 Si rims on a 10th gen sedan. I am looking just in case I want to take the OEM route for my tires and wheel setup. Right now, i'm currently wanting the Konig Oversteers. Just waiting for a good deal on them lol cuz im broke.
  17. What do you guys think?

    I added a tr style grill and smoked fog lights to my FC2. What do y'all think? Should I lose the red pinstriping?
  18. Hood Liner Clips

    does anyone know what part number this clip is? If you know the number for all the clips please share thank you :) I accident pulled too hard on it and it broke lol.
  19. Battery Disconnection Question

    Hey guys! I am planning on changing out my front grill and adding fog lights to my car. I know about the oem plugs for the fog lights but I wanted to know if I Should disconnect the negative ground or both negative and positive while installing the fog lights? If I do disconnect them, once I...
  20. Battery Disconnection Fog Lights

    Hey guys! I moved this thread to the civicx discussion threads. Ty!