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  1. Dealer testdrives your car on cold engine - thoughts?

    So.... Weather is -2 degrees (~28f). After 5 minutes drive, he pulls out first and second gear, but because of anti-spin is still on and road is a bit wet he doesn't mange to full RPM (at least sounds like it). Thought?
  2. Annoying noise from ventilation [FIXED]

    Hello guys! Just want to share this with you. I had a noise from the ventilation that was following the RPM more or less. If i stopped the ventilation (or put AC = OFF in the menu), the sound disappeared. Now I got the dealer to swap the whole AC pump, and finally the sound is gone for good...
  3. What's going on Mishimoto?

    I jumped on an order on Blackfriday getting the catchcan. Got confirmation with the following text: Now 2.5 weeks later, I'm still waiting. Mish do not answer on mails (sent twice to [email protected]), also tried to reach out to Nick here on the forum. No replies..... I see Nick is...
  4. To the German FK8 CTR - Thanks!

    I don't know who you are, but thanks for tagging along and having a blast down the Autobahn. :nixon: Not every day i hit 250km/h with the trunk full of German beer and a quite big passenger Having that said. This is my second trip down Germany from Norway and it is always fun with my FK8...
  5. How to replace sub in trunk

    I want to replace the original sub in my CTR but not sure how to approach this without breaking any plastic? Could someone tell me where to start to dismantle the right side of the trunk to get access to the sub?
  6. First CTR owner in Norway

    Got my chassis number, car is now insured and registered with plates. Pickupdate is this Thursday!. There is one black CTR in Norway today, but it belongs to Honda or a dealership (not for sale). They told me that I'm the first private owner of a CTR in Norway. Oh my, I'm so looking forward...
  7. Civic Type R Space Race with Indy 500 Winner Alex Rossi

    Idiots... Feel a bit sorry about the car :-/
  8. My dear friends in US - Buy a CTR CarCover

    While I'm waiting for my CTR in Norway, I'm looking for stuff that I want to get to it. And one of the things are the Type-R Carcover for the FK8. Since the CTR is released in the US, I guess you might find the carcover as well? Is there anyone on the forum here that could check the prize...
  9. RoadShow Review of the CTR

    A really good review of the car! I suddenly feel for having blue or gray, but CW will too! :D haha
  10. Geneva - Type R Pictures and videos

    Let's collect everything we see and know here from Geneva. Found this fresh video from Geneva. First time seeing it in red :) Looks awesome but I won't have it in red, thats for sure. Sadly the seats are to red, and I didn't like the red line on the dash. Screams to much, so hope that it's...
  11. The new CTR on the Nurburgring Nordschleife

    Now the new CTR has been doing rounds on the Nurburgring :) Amazing!