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  1. Best (and worse) winter tires

    In french. Pictures are bilinguals :thumbsup: More here:
  2. Front skid plate Philips bolt seized ; fixed

    During my oil change this morning, one of the two Philips head bolts was seized. It broke off in the threaded hole. After repairing the whole thing (see pictures) and to prevent it, I greased these two bolts. To prevent them from unscrewing by themselves, I installed a teeths washer on each...
  3. A/C not working: Work in progress

    August 6 th ; Update ; there is no crack ,only dissipation wings are missing. Nothing to worry about. Go to answer # 11 Hello , No more A / C. After examining the condenser from the front of the car, I noticed a hole in the condenser. I see two cracks, it must be the cause of gas loss. What...
  4. $1 cabin air filter; I must admit that this is not satisfactory.

    I bought a brand new high quality heating/ air conditioning air filter for $5 at a second hand store. I can make 4 filters. How to I make; short answer with pictures. 2nd picture show a jobber air filter to copy the dimensions. 3th picture; filter ready to put in the car, just squeeze it in...
  5. How to remove this cover ?

    Hello, I wish to clean the condenser from all kind of mosquitos . How I can remove this under hood plastic cover, the black round pins ? Thank's
  6. Tires for sale ; original and new 16"

    Hankook Kinergy Gt 215/55R16 93 H ( only two ) $100 each Only 100 kms on them ! Yes one hundred kms or 60 miles Montréal area
  7. Turn signal ; more louder ?

    Can I make signal turn sound more louder ? I'm a bit deaf from my ears and sometimes I forget them ... Thank You
  8. Wheels lock ; ow to remove them without a key

    How to remove them with simple tools A easy way for thief or anybody ;
  9. Front passager seat is so low, why ?

    Hi, Did you know why Honda built this front seat close to the floor on my LX ? it's very uncomfortable. Driver seat is higher. How to install it higher? Is it a good idea? Thank you ,
  10. SOLD Wheel lock for sale

    Brand new Honda parts in the box , was in my LX for 100 kms. West of Montreal area Any reasonable offer will be accepted. I ask $25 08W42-SNA-300 Send PM If I violate the rules of the forum, I am sorry. I will erase this message
  11. Cruise Control; how to reduce step when in kilometer ?

    Hello, Owner of 2018 Canadian Civic LX in kilometer. Each step with cruise control look to be 2 kilometers. I wish to have 1 kilometer step. Owner book said step are close to 1.6 kilometer. As all we know, 1 mile is 1.6 is kilometer. Is there a menu on screen to change that ? Thank's
  12. How a Civic start at -13F / -25 C ?

    In cold Montreal area , Canada, how start a Civic with very cold outside temperature with no help , no block heater ? My LX sleep in a garage so I don't know. The second Civic in the family (a new buy in 2018 ? ) will sleep outside.
  13. Originals tires are poor, Why ?

    I always read on many car magazines, most are Canadian, originals tires on Civic are very poor. These are Hankook Kinergy GT. What is your opinion ? Some answer here if you scroll down; Did you agree ?
  14. 10 things you may not know about 2016 Civic

    I just discover this link; Many good hints and wait at the end ; how to reboot
  15. Passager seat is too low.

    The front passenger seat is lower than the driver's seat. And this seat can not adjust higher. This makes it very uncomfortable in my opinion I was thinking of buying a gel cushion. Suggestions ?