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  1. Connected device is not responding

    Nothing is in the USB port, in the video im holding the other end of the cable to show it's not plugged in.
  2. Gaz price

    yes its ridiculous. Regular here in Ottawa is now at $1.60 while just over a year ago it was 0.60c!
  3. Connected device is not responding

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has had the issue I have where nothing is plugged in to the USB but errors keep popping up? Please see attached video. 2017 LX
  4. 30k and still going strong + 30k service experience ?

    Do not FLUSH the CVT. Just replace the fluid.
  5. To Replace AC Condenser

    I dropped mine off in the morning and picked it up that afternoon. Did they test it to see if its the condenser? Before my appointment to replace it I had to take it in for them to check what the actual issue is and when they realized it was the condenser I had to book it in. Shouldn't take more...
  6. Fellow Si Owners. Did the shop mess up installing my replacement bumper? Video inside.

    Good idea to take it back. If they say its normal, mention that other similar cars don't do this.
  7. Ceramic coating quote

    Does that price include paint correction? I used C-Quartz 3.0 and did it myself. If you have a garage it may be worth considering. CQuartz was super easy to do. Cost me the price of the bottle $80.
  8. Decided on a 2021 Civic Hatchback as my first new car. Unsure on Trim level.

    I hope they give you a super good deal because next month they would want to get rid of as many of the 10th Gen as they can.
  9. Fahrenheit to Celsius

    In the instrument cluster, change the units from KPH to MPH (or vice versa) and it will change from C to F or vice versa. It will change your speed units though and your fuel consumption units.
  10. Is my alignment off or is there some other issue?

    Swap your two front tires around then see if it still happens. Best way to rule out tires. On a previous car I had the pull to the right. Had alignment done and everything checked out. Swapped my tires around and then it started going the other way. New tires, problem solved.
  11. My custom sub enclosure in place of OEM

    At first I thought....hmm this is going to look messy. The end result is great! Well done!
  12. Need New honda Civic tires

    Just a note. If you're doing a lot of highway driving, don't cheap out on the tires. Avoid any Chinese brands as they are not as high of a quality and make sure you get some with a higher speed rating.
  13. Lack of heat

    From the article: " some 2017 and 2018 Honda CR-Vs and the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Honda Civic with the 1.5 L turbo engine."
  14. Pickup truck drivers

    Way too many idiots on the road. Hence the reason I invested in a dash cam. You can get them for under $100 US and the picture is impressive. Pays for itself even if it means you catch 1 person who is claiming they're not at fault.
  15. Car would not unlock this morning (after the trunk opened)! Locked out!

    Last summer I had a similar issue. Worked fine until one day I got home after work and the car wouldn't lock.....ok checked to make sure the doors are all closed, yep.....try again, nothing. Went in the house and replaced the battery in the fob....nothing. Odd. Got my spare key and...
  16. Cross shopping with Veloster N

    It may be hard to beat now but once you go to sell the Hyundai you will notice the selling price difference compared to a Honda. Korean cars are nice to begin with but when the miles start increasing then you really see why they're cheaper. Money pits after a few years.
  17. Windshield distortion (Video included)

    I have a similar issue but its right at my eyeline and not as noticeable as that. Some people notice it and some dont.
  18. Owning a dog and a Type R

    Some decent and correctly fitting covers I think are a good idea with dog or not. I only have an LX and the first thing I did was put seat covers and Husky weather mats. My car is 4 years old and I have 3 kids and the seats still look like the day I got them.
  19. Remove scratch

    Lets not forget that a thick pile quality microfiber towel is needed when working on a gauge cluster. Even things like regular cloths or napkins can cause scratches on that plastic. Towel is just as, if not more than, important as the product in this case.