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  1. Firearms/Conceal carry owners

    I've never owned one before. The past 15 years or so in this country have pushed me into the decision to purchase one. The huge increase in violence against law abiding citizens, police and others, only hastens my decision. I live in Illinois, one of the most fkd up states, so it's almost...
  2. PRL short ram intake

    I'm considering getting this. Does the stock airbox need to be removed?
  3. Got into an accident

    So, I posted in the What did you do to your civic today? Asking if anyone has a guess at the dollar amount for repair. No bags deployed, windshield has a small crack, both fenders, hood, bumper and grill, probably radiator, intercooler and the condenser? for the a/c and various brackets under...
  4. More power, need one of these.
  5. Hyundai/Kia recall

    Not too comforting if you own one.
  6. Longevity of the 1.5T

    I was interested in the longevity of the 1.5T since it's been out over 3 yrs. now and all the talk of fuel dilution. I've had my EXT CVT for !yr and 8 months, over 64,000 miles, haven't had the FD recall done. Car runs perfect, just had the OEM tires replaced, still get great mpg, Just installed...
  7. Ktuner install issue

    Just got V2 today. During install, there is an account registration box. I put in my info and hit register and then ok. It says to close the account box and then a main software screen is supposed to open. I dont get that screen to pop open. It seems i'm just quitting the Ktuner app. Any ideas?
  8. All wheel drive, FTW!

    I didn't know the older hatches were so fast! :)