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  1. eBay Engine Bay Side Covers - installed and reviewed

    Can't help ya there. I can't seem to find them. Most engine bay side covers that pop up are all aftermarket.
  2. 2017-2020 Civic Type-R ZL1 Addons Deluxe Rock Guards

    All predrilled to line up with CTR fender liner mounting holes Fronts reuse the stock screws and replace one of the plastic rivets with a push pin style clip. Rears reuse screws and add some metal spring clips to hold against the bumper. Hope this helps. Shoot me PM if you have any other...
  3. 2017-2020 Civic Type-R ZL1 Addons Deluxe Rock Guards

    Got these to see if they fit my regular hatch. They will not without modification so I just went with their standard set for non-CTR. Has all hardware and everything.
  4. Parting out civic SI

    @johnny_fc3 Interested in price info on wheels. What tires are on there?
  5. LX radio replacement thread

    @joe3456789 You need to connect that Blue/white to the REVERSE lights/switch...not the red 12v. By connecting to the constant 12v it would make sense why it only turns on or shows up on your display when you turn it 'on'. Also what head unit do you have? Also check post #147 in this thread.
  6. DIY: H&R Springs Civic Hatchback Sport - Review

    Hi @Stenguyen1 I mean I could take pics of the car as it sits but it honestly hasnt changed much from the pics in the original post. Still rides great and looks right where I want it. Here are 2 pics I quickly found in my phone.
  7. 2016 Civic LX Kenwood Audio Receiver Install

    I didnt do any step down on mine and its been running since august 2017. Granted it just gives me the fish eye view but better than nothing. I figured if and when I decide to update my HU to something with Android auto/apply play I'd try and wire up something to get all 3 views.
  8. 3D Printed Support Rods for Type R Replica Wing (Coupe)

    Any updates on the design @ZephyrFlash ? Still working well on your Coupe?
  9. 3D Printed Support Rods for Type R Replica Wing (Coupe)

    He's logged in but clearly hasnt checked this thread in a while...I'd be able to model up something and possibly print IF I had access to one of these spoilers to take measurements.'re all far away from me.
  10. Need help Converting Key into Remote Flip Key Fob

    I ended up getting this one. Sure it doesnt have a panic button...but honestly the only times I ever hit that button are by accident in my pocket. Internals transferred over easily...
  11. Honda Fit Type R Anyone?

    Yeah the fits/jazz had/have a L1.5 motor. Clean looking GK =) Yeah will have to agree that the 2013 I had would be revving at like 4000 cruising at 80 on the highway where the Civic is at 3k at 80mph. Civic definitely gets better MPG due to better gearing.
  12. Honda Fit Type R Anyone?

    Agreed! went from a 2013 Fit to the Civic. The Fit handled real well, had a cavernous interior for hauling people/stuff and was so easy to drive/park. My only complaints were no sunroof and lack of power. If I could've gotten 200ish HP out of it without having to do basically a swap I would've...
  13. 2019 Civic Si Coupe Seats for Trade

    Why must you be on the 'wrong' coast...I would totally consider this trade. I want more bolstering lol Good luck.
  14. **Track day update**- 18x9.5 +40 Enkei TS-V | 265/35/18 RE71r

    Nice looking setup. Was eyeing these for my Hatchback. Thanks for taking the plunge! Wish there were more color options.
  15. A Note About Back Up Camera Installation

    I got volume up/down, source, track fwd/back to work. Pretty sure the phone buttons work as well but they seem backwards to me from OEM. I had to manually program the buttons so maybe I just messed that up. Maybe when I upgrade to a HU that has android auto/apple car play I'll try and get the 3...
  16. Repairing Paint Chips After 3 Yrs + Ceramic/ClearBra Protection

    Not sure man, not in that business. I will say that you get what you pay for regarding paint and clearbra install. When I was getting clearbra quotes they were anywhere from $750-2000 depending on the brand they were using, partial or full hood/fender coverage etc. The 'boss' at home wouldn't...
  17. Katzkin Leather vs OEM Leather

    Are you talking about the small strip of carbon looking fabric? If so, then yes that was an option...or at least for me it was.
  18. A Note About Back Up Camera Installation

    My back up works fine without the step down. If I understood the various schematics people have posted, the back up camera changes the view type depending on the voltage. I got 12v going to mine and it gives me the fish eye view. I had the same question you did @Brutus63 when I was doing my...