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  1. 2023 Civic Type R Officially Revealed! Will Be Made in Japan!

    I like the red carpets and some of the inside design. With that said the exterior is just too plain for my taste. The reason I love my fk8 is because of its bold in your face styling.
  2. Well it happened today the type r is gone.

    Looks nice. Good luck. I am not a fan personally of the black trim on it. Probably the first thing I’d change. I had a Subaru personally prefer the Honda. But I’m on a type r forum so I’m sure that’s no surprise. The financial part. No real comment do what works for you. Especially since all of...
  3. FK8 stolen

    Not sure in Canada but I thought for a lease since your basically renting it. you don’t profit off a loss. It just covers the car up to what you owe.
  4. Who is going to trade in for the GR Corolla?

    Nope. Not interested. But it’s nice.
  5. Convince me out of selling for a tesla

    Well said. This fits my situation exactly. I really like my type r. Wouldn’t sell it unless someone offered me $75k but for work and daily driving it’s not the most practical or comfortable so I bought a tesla for work. But I think the error is ‘comparing’ the two. They are totally different...
  6. Convince me out of selling for a tesla

    Yes. That’s true. Where do you live. Because if your in cold climate the range is reduced a lot. Also as mentioned how would you use the car ? All of that comes to play. But I think asking on a ctr forum to compare the Two more or less isn’t going to get you a answer. I use the Tesla for my...
  7. Convince me out of selling for a tesla

    Lol. unlike most people posting. I own a 2021 ctr and I also own a 2022 model 3 LR AWD. I assure you most of what was posted here is incorrect. what I will say is it really depends on your needs. I like them both for different reasons. I wouldn’t compare the two because they were built with two...
  8. Shoutout to fellow CW CTR around Passaic, NJ for honking!

    No worries. I didn’t take it personal.
  9. Anyone trading in their fk8 ?

    Seems like for many. Once you got the type r. The desire was satisfied and on to the next desire
  10. Goodbye Civic X

    If they give me 52 k. I’ll sell mine too.
  11. Nj owners. I’m looking for a dealer fir service.

    I live in Essex county. Anyone have a really good dealer servicing experience with their type r. Willing to go to ant dealer
  12. New York Parts Out NY/LI Area

    Not sure what I would do with the trunk lid. Don’t think k can use it. Is it some custom piece ?
  13. New Jersey WTB winter setup

    im looking for winter whet tire setup.
  14. Carvana offer lol

    Crap. I sold mine too early. I let vroom have it for 26250.
  15. New Jersey WTB

    Looking for a carbon fiber wing. Let me know if anyone wants to sell theirs.
  16. New vs Used

    I personally had to decide the same. The new one basically ended up costing me 2k more so it was a no brainer. Personally everytime I bought a used car I found something I didn’t like that made the savings buying used “mentally worthless”. My last cpo car had a list of small annoyances that made...
  17. New to CIVICX Just bought a Limited Edition 2021 Type R

    congrats I wish thy made the LE in other colors