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  1. Thumbs down for Ispoon18

    I bought a like-new Fujitsubo exhaust from member Ispoon18 a little over a month ago. Just installed this past week and realized he forgot to include the carbon tip "Fujitsubo" decals (in addition to the install instructions + a few washers). No big deal, I'm sure they're easy to overlook. I...
  2. Massachusetts FS: 4 X Continental Sportcontact6 245/30ZR20 Tires (Like New)

    Took off my OEM conti tires at around 300 miles (can provide the receipt from tire shop). All 4 for sale, basically like new. $600 for all 4, picked up near Boston, MA.
  3. 2021 Civic Type R vs 2017 VW GTI Ownership Comparison (long list....)

    Wanted to post some (ok, MANY) thoughts for anyone interested in what it's been like going from my 2017 MK7 GTI Sport (with performance pack) to my 2021 Civic Type R. What I like or dislike about the CTR will be mostly in relation to my experience with the GTI. Some are pretty self explanatory...