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  1. PICKING UP MY NEW 2017 civic Si

    Enjoyed the fuck out of it.
  2. 18 inch sport/Si wheels

    I like the car lower though but thanks.
  3. The Oil Thread

    IT doesn't matter, the semi-synthetics aren't even holding up for 5k OCIs so if you want more protection and less trips to the dealer, buy some high stable (low NOACK) and good add pack (extended OCIs) full synthetic oil + filter which is what I am contemplating. Screw the free oil changes if...
  4. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    ROFL. I got a LX Hatch with HS for 21,4 OUT THE DOOR!! My dealer is in the Not_A_P list.
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I will go with white + blue.
  6. What are your top 3 complaints with the Civic Si?

    Heaven compared to the run-of-the-millennial you get now. haha, I mean ROFL.
  7. Anyone use door guards?

    I got my first edge door scratch this week but not bad for owning it now for 2 months.
  8. 15% oil life at 2500 miles

    Mine came on too early two and I had to reset it twice. I am at 30% with 5600 miles and will change soon, perhaps this week.
  9. add 10w-30 on 17Hatch ok??

    I can't make it to the dealer for my free oil changes and haven't checked if I am low but the civic calls for 0w-20 but is it ok to add 10w-30 full synthetic, if I need to, until I can make it for the FF oil change. Any chance my break-in will be compromised with the heavy add pack of the full...
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I got a gray civic hatch, you think the yellow or white fog light would look good. don't have the false housing, also I am concerned about battery usage and the extra usage.
  11. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    I don't know what the hell you are talking about either...don't get your lingo either, what does RR have anything to do with a civic
  12. Can you folks check if you have this same engine oil leak?

    5600+ miles on factory fill. this thing is gifted.
  13. What are your top 3 complaints with the Civic Si?

    The current gen Accord has chrome on trim. When did chrome go out of style, wasn't it new just a few years ago.
  14. 18 inch sport/Si wheels

    will they work on a lx hatch?
  15. Best wax

    I'm still on the factory and dealer wax and use a car wash soap that doesn't strip wax and it gleams and is quite glossy.
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I'm not sure if I should extend the break-in process and use the Honda dealer oil change which is a semi-syn or go full on full synthetic with something Dexos gen 2 complaint.
  17. Sam's '17 Agean Blue Sport Hatch

    The Smokey Gray (PMM) looks better. :headbang:
  18. Weird AC/Turbo Spooling Noise

    It's confirmed, I got the raw end of the deal on the Sc300. Knew I should have went with the big V8 Sc400 from the get. I ha8 kar karma.
  19. It's raining it's pouring...These Stock All Season Tires SUCK!

    Are these the Hankooks Kinergys cause they rock.
  20. Weird AC/Turbo Spooling Noise

    And the Sc400 had electrical issues maybe relating to or not relating to the HVAC system and did you memory seats not work in the end?