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  1. Ok gas prices are getting ridiculous....Regular in this car?

    paid 4.85 last night for premium. moving in the right direction. for now.
  2. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    A lot of what ive heard from people using them seem to coincide with what a lot of reviews say. Nearly the same amount of speed but without the greasy issues after 4 laps and shorter lifespan. Take it for what its worth I guess.
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I've often thought about putting the tracks there, but I put it higher up instead. Adding another one on Wednesday. 😎
  4. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    GLTC happening right now!
  5. Tow hooks for a CTR track day?

    Its only meant for a straightline pull iirc
  6. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    In all honesty I feel like a connoisseur of tires, so many brands out there to try out. So far, tires ive driven on include 1. OEM Contis 2. Federal 595 RS Pro 3. Falken RT615K 4. Yokohama Advan Apex 5. Falken RT660 6. Kumho V730 (next) 7. Nankang CRS (next) So far the best bang for the buck...
  7. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Once I get into the 230s, the gauge starts to move towards 3/4s, once youre at about 240 I can confidently say youre at 3/4s of the digital bar. I have a water and oil temperature gauge installed on the car, but my water temp is off due to the acuity reverse flow hose. it reads about 10 degrees...
  8. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Id opt for a set of tires that wear better for lapping instead of a set of A052s, RE71s, etc. because youre right, it does get very pricey if you cant get a few lap days out of them. My RT660s have been wearing excellent, im 3 events in on them and expect at least another 3-4 events. Im gonna...
  9. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Just to avoid confusion what I was saying is that my oil temps hit 270 on a mid 60s day, which im not concerned about at all. My water temp didnt go above 230 however. The oil cooler goes on at the end of this month, so well see how that affects oil temps and overall ECT. Im interested to see...
  10. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    I would find an alternative for the armorall stuff. Unless theyve changed their formula, back in the day they were known for drying out plastics. Ive been very happy with this from CG...
  11. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    Ill have some feedback in September hopefully once I get the MAP one mounted. Pre-oil cooler in 60 degree weather, I was seeing oil temps of almost 280.
  12. Time to drive this CTR off a cliff

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
  13. Ok gas prices are getting ridiculous....Regular in this car?

    Someone directly answered the question on page 3. But just about anyone is going to say that just because you can doesnt mean you should. You pretty much answered the reason why in your post with the car hesitating and pulling power. The risk doesnt outweighs the menial cost benefits.
  14. HPDE Track Day - Error Messages

    id try and keep it above 1/2, see what happens!