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  1. PRL Downpipe 3"

    Posted dyno charts show a nice power increase across the board. The biggest differences I noticed when I put in a catted RV6 downpipe was that it was a bit louder and turbo lag was much less. Going steadily along at 50 mph in 4th gear it took 2 seconds to reach 10 psi when I went full...
  2. Type R Clutch/Flywheel in an Si

    Eman quoted me a price of 17 hundred installed at a shop about a year ago. I'm sure that's a little more now. I don't remember if that included the CMC.
  3. Tips for getting ECU Number

    Just take your cell phone and stick it into the engine compartment near level with the sticker at the corner of the engine block. You can then take a picture and read it. Don't drop your phone.
  4. Recommend Mods

    Oops! I was thinking you had a base 1.5T civic. Sorry, I don't know anything about the NA 2.0.
  5. Recommend Mods

    I recommend getting a Ktuner 1.2 from TSP. They give you a free TSP Stage 1 tune. It is a very refined tune. The exhaust on the car is pretty free flowing. I would only recommend a catted downpipe in the exhaust system. That will allow your turbo to spool faster and give a bit more power...
  6. E85 questions

    I am sorry to take so long to answer. Tunerview lite just connects via Bluetooth to Ktuner. Tunerview app on phone may have more connections via the phone's internet connections. I am not certain about that. It is just that some versions of Tunerview may be able to connect to google maps. I...
  7. E85 questions

    Looking at the Ktuner help file on the Ktuner website under Tunerview Lite, it says it supports 2019 cars. Yes you need to install hondahack. The ethanol sensor in the E85 kit you buy will send a signal to the car's ECU to the tune you install with ktuner. That will adjust your timing and...
  8. E85 questions

    I have the Ktuner 1.2 with TSP stage 2 tune and a TSP ethanol kit. The kit is quality, but the PRL kit is killer! It wasn't available at the time I got my TSP kit. I run E35-E40. I love it! I like the Ktuner 1.2 over the 2.0 as I can run the Tunerview app on my head unit and it talks to...
  9. Ecu mods impossible Civic 2020 1.5T

    On my ECU the model number was on a plate on the side of the ECU near the bottom of the side that faces the engine. It is hard to read. I took my phone and stuck it in the engine bay and took a picture of the plate so I could read the number.
  10. More Displacement?

    One advantage of displacement is that it gives more torque before the turbo kicks in. That feels very good on a daily driver.
  11. Aftermarket Intercooler Survey

    What intercooler are you running? PLM What charge pipes do you have installed? PLM Has turbo lag increased/throttle response increased since install? Yes Would you recommend the part to the members on this forum? Cheap ripoff of PRL, but works. Is there anything else you would like to say about...
  12. new intercooler + downpipe — worth it?

    I am running E40 with TSP Stage 2 tune.
  13. new intercooler + downpipe — worth it?

    When I got my intercooler my turbo lag went from about one second to 2 seconds. When I added my dp the lag went from 2 back to one. I made the mistake in getting an intercooler with aftermarket pipes.
  14. new intercooler + downpipe — worth it?

    If you get an intercooler get it with stock pipes. Larger pipes just add turbo lag on stock turbo. A dp will give you less lag for a more responsive car.
  15. P0130 code with catted rv6

    The only possible issue is with state inspection. I guess that varies from state to state.
  16. PRL Flex Fuel Kit review

    Why is ACT a little bit better? I was under the impression that it was just the reverse. I have the type r clutch and am amazed by it every day.
  17. 27WON W1 Turbo for the ultimate daily driver?

    I added a PRL catted dp on my Si. It did increase the volume of the sound a bit, but it still is quiet driving around. It only speaks up when accelerating hard. It helped the response of my FBO stock turbo car. I think your 27Won turbo will be much too laggy without a high flow cat. Casual...
  18. 1.5T Ceramic Coating PRL DP

    I got my RV6 catted dp with a silver ceramic coating. I hope it helped the engine bay temps, but without a direct comparison, I don't know. The AC heats up the engine compartment so much that it confuses things here in hot Texas.
  19. Tuning options??? Si coupe

    That is possible. If you flash back to stock before you bring it into a dealer than your odds are good warranty work will be honoured. If your battery goes out it is very unlikely that they will investigate your ECU deeply!
  20. Stock Si Quarter Mile times with and without a tune

    A blast from the past. That post was before I did anything to my car. About $5k later my car is totally different. A guy with a car like mine is now pulled out his passenger seats, put slicks on and went 12.6 seconds in the quarter. The first mod was a Ktuner. Slippery slope! :rofl: