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  1. Illinois Check in....

    I don't live in Illinois but I have a friend on south side of Chicago who needs an quality, honest Honda mechanic. 2003 Civic that is due for a timing belt. Any good leads? Thanks.
  2. Under sheild bolts

    It's primarily because of the poor quality of the Honda parts drawing. The drawing of the undertray/engine shield looks nothing like the actual part and so it is unclear which fastener is the correct one. In addition, neither of the dealers I visited had this part in stock, so they couldn't...
  3. Under sheild bolts

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been two two Honda dealers recently and neither one of them could find this screw for me.
  4. ECON Button

    I've never pushed the ECON button and I don't ever plan to.
  5. Missing plastic screws on engine gueard under the car

    Metal undertray has 6 quarter-turn fasteners and two screws. I am missing one of the two screws for front edge and dealer can't find it either.
  6. What's up with the green and white dash line?

    It's just a vacuum gauge.
  7. Benefits of Lowly '16 LX

    It's paid for.
  8. 6MT - Recommended Shift Points...

    Life's too short to shift before the redline.
  9. Features you miss from your Previous or Daily driver?

    A real emergency/parking brake.
  10. Can I get to 50 MPG?

    Man I hope I never get up to 50 MPG. If I do, that means I've stopped enjoying my commute.
  11. So yesterday was a sad day

    I'm guessing that that is not totaled. What did the insurance company decide?
  12. Whats on your keychain?

    My key is just a key by itself. It's not kept on a key chain. None of my cars' keys are on key chains.
  13. No oil in the engine, any damage?

    Do. Not. Touch. It. If you change anything, the dealer will blame you. Just have it towed back to the dealer as-is and tell them they screwed up.
  14. 2016 Sedan didn't start today

    ^^^ This. There is absolutely no reason a 2016 LX should be low on oil, unless an error was made during your last oil change. This has nothing to do with your car not starting but is a more worrying issue.
  15. 2016 Civic Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far?

    Give it a shot and show us how it turns out.
  16. Center console armrest too low

    You are correct. It's about 1.5" too low.
  17. Love my hatchback sport; needs less

    If you own a stick you should know how to hold the car on a hill momentarily with your left foot alone. From my LX I would gladly ditch the back-up camera, brake hold, electric parking brake, econ mode, and auto-climate control
  18. When starting your car

    OK, I think I see your problem. :cool:
  19. What did you name your car?

    Can a mod merge this thread with the existing thread on the same topic?