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  1. Used Type R Price. What's a good price?

    I think this is their bottom or near it judging by how the E46 depreciated and leveled out. Totally agree low mileage samples will be fetching a premium, arguably they already are. I'm in no rush and biding my time, with about 16K E92s in North America happy to wait it out, honestly open to the...
  2. Used Type R Price. What's a good price?

    That's a phenomenal deal, I've been on the market for used a E92 M3, a generation prior to the M4, and they're floating in the 30s for that mileage. Your friend made out like a bandit, provided the car was clean title/not abused.
  3. Small gas tank?

    That's amazing and I'm really jealous! If I drive really diligently I barely break 32.1 mpg with a '17 Hatch Sport. I usually have a heavy foot when passing freeway traffic so my usual mpg floats around 27-28. With premium I'm lucky to break 300 miles per tank so your numbers of 400+ are...
  4. PMM as first choice?

    Love my PMM HB Sport. Also maintenance is super easy, don't have to keep washing it all the time :)
  5. age of hatchback drivers?

    24 M I get comments about my HB Sport looking like it's "boy racer" but I really like it. To each their own :)
  6. Tuning and Forced Induction Glossary

    I'm new to all this, thanks for putting this together! I created a set of flashcards to help me learn that some folks may find useful:
  7. Hatchback / Sedan Windshield Compatibility

    The same thing almost happened to me! Safelite showed up with an aftermarket sedan windshield, thankfully the guy was a straight shooter and said he wouldn't install it if it was his car. To update this thread, for some reason Safelite in my area (SF Bay Area) isn't able to acquire a HB...
  8. 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport 6SP Top Speed - 130 MPH

    That's interesting! My Civic Hatchback Sport CVT is limited to 125. I of course also reached that speed in Mexico :)
  9. Hatchback / Sedan Windshield Compatibility

    I think how much you pay depends your insurance coverage. Mine will cost about $100 and as EMPhoto posted his will run him $200. Poking around a bit online it seems without insurance the cost is a couple hundred dollars. That sucks! Did your replacement shop specify if they'll use a Sedan or...
  10. Hatchback / Sedan Windshield Compatibility

    Thank you! My appointment with Safelite is on the 11th, will update this thread after the installation. In the mean time if anyone has any thoughts or experience please share with us :)
  11. Hatchback / Sedan Windshield Compatibility

    ***EDIT 04/17/17*** The sedan windshield and the HB windshield are not the same! Read thread for details. Hi all, Went to my car this weekend and noticed this huge crack (see pics) on my Hatchback's windshield :( I scheduled an appointment with a Safelite in my area but their system didn't...
  12. Hatchback rear visibility

    I'm 6'2'' as well and don't have a problem with visibility. Of all the hatchbacks and coupes I've driven I haven't noticed a marked difference with the Civic HB. Probably a little less than the previous generation Toyota Prius. As others have said, it's dramatically more than the current...
  13. My 2017 Hatchback Dash Rattle Thread

    I also had a dash rattle that would stop when I pushed on the bottom left side of the dash board were the driver's left knee would be. The rattle was most noticeable around 2,000 rpm when first pulling out or in slow stop and go traffic. Took it in to the dealer the first week of owning it and...
  14. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    I've been lurking this thread for a few weeks now and it was super helpful in navigating negotiations with the dealers so a big thank you to everyone who's contributed thus far. I nabbed a 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport CVT in Polished Metal Metallic in the SF Bay Area for $21,700 + taxes and fees...