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  1. Can hot weather and high humility cause high negative long term fuel trim ?

    That sounds a bit worrying to me. Last summer w/ the stock intake, the worst I'd see during the hottest weather was around -8.
  2. Testing Competition Clutch Stage 2 with 20 lb Single Mass Flywheel

    Thanks for the info about this! Seems like a very good option. Have you heard any additional info about the stage 1 option?
  3. Possible to Pass PA emissions with K-Tuner?

    Yeah, very possible that it's me. Don't know of any other red Si's around, although I think there's a red CTR in the area.
  4. Possible to Pass PA emissions with K-Tuner?

    Lebanon eh? I've probably seen you around if you are ever around the Palmyra/Annville area.
  5. Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer Position

    That was the problem I had w/ B as well. C is much better. Poor position A! Don't think I've ever heard of someone using that position.
  6. Possible to Pass PA emissions with K-Tuner?

    This is not true. The whole point of disabling the codes is so that the ECU doesn't trigger them in the event of a fault and allow the readiness monitors to be enabled. Obviously OP won't pass the visual, but as he already stated, he has a guy for that.
  7. Possible to Pass PA emissions with K-Tuner?

    You'll pass just fine with regards to the codes being disabled. My WRX passed for years with some codes being disabled. As long as the readiness monitors are set, there's no machine that I'm aware of that can tell that a code has been disabled.
  8. Rock chip on windshield and hood

    So I've played around with this stuff a bit, but need to retry to see if I can get better results, but in theory it allows you to more easily level out chip repairs: Langka Blob Eliminator. Once the paint has dried you basically buff it flat.
  9. Rock chip on windshield and hood

    bought it from pretty sure I got the Suntek ultra film. it's been installed for about a year and no issues so far. it was my first time installing, so it's not perfect (a few tiny dirt specs here and there), but from a few feet away it looks great. no edges lifting so far...
  10. Rock chip on windshield and hood

    I DIY'd my PPF using precut sheets I purchased online. I did a partial sheet for the hood covering the front third, although I should have just paid for the full hood since I still ended up w/ a couple chips. The full hood piece gets pretty expensive since it's so large.
  11. Custom Dyno Tune vs Ktuner with TSP/Phearable Tune

    A good custom tune is almost always going to be better than an off-the-shelf tune, assuming the tuner knows what they are doing, especially once you start adding other power-adding mods. No downsides to a custom tune, but if you don't have the ktuner device, you won't be able to monitor your...
  12. TunerView Lite Now Available For The Head Unit

    This happens for me sometimes as well. Typically turning BT off and back on fixes it, but I haven't looked into whether there's a better solution.
  13. What have you done with your Trump bucks?

    I have a set of those for my winter wheels that I bought off someone used. Thought they were pretty nice looking and the grey finish looks nice against my red. My only complaint is that the paint is bubbling a bit around the center hub.
  14. What have you done with your Trump bucks?

    Saving it for my inevitable clutch job :(
  15. single mass or dual mass flywheel

    Yeah, really unfortunate though that neither their SMF or disk are sprung. Not sure what they were thinking there.
  16. single mass or dual mass flywheel

    I was chatting w/ Exedy and the guy seemed pretty confident that the stage 1 option would be fine for any "stage 1" type power. I'm not sure that I'm interested in using the DMF though since it's an unsprung disc. I know you can use it w/ their SMF, but I'm worried about driveability. Plus...
  17. Upgrade flywheel or stay stock?

    Failure of the DMF hasn't been a common issue that I've heard and rumblings about. The issue is the clutch disk and pressure plate can't hold enough torque for much beyond stock levels. Replacing just the DMF won't fix that issue.
  18. Recommend Mods

    Rear sway bar and/or shifter upgrades would be where I'd start
  19. OEM Clutch kit for sale

    Can't imagine it's worth much since most people who are going to replace the clutch are going to upgrade while they're at it, but good luck! Might want to post some photos so people can get an idea of the condition.