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  1. Penzoil Ultra Platinum Ow-20 Sale

    FYI FC3/1 Fam, Napa Auto has a monthly special going on for PUP 0w-20 right now for 5.99/Qrt which if I’m not mistaken, is a steal. I just reserved 4quarts myself for pickup at my local Napa store. Link provided below...
  2. 6 Months Into Ownership Still Swirl Free Paint

    Simply impressive! Welcome to #SwirlFreeCrew
  3. 6 Months Into Ownership Still Swirl Free Paint

    how hard was it applying a ceramic coat? I've considered doing this eventually.
  4. 6 Months Into Ownership Still Swirl Free Paint

    Bump, Almost two years into ownership of my 17 SI and still swirl free :)
  5. Help! LTFT at -14 on TSP1 with K&N Intake

    I’m currently running FBO + Flex Fuel on kTuner 23psi map. LTFT’s & STFT’s we’re averaging around -11. I just figured out how to configure MAF scaling and now my trims are around 0 to -2
  6. KTuner MAF Scaling Help

    @360glitch thanks for your help! My LTFT is consistently staying around 0 to -1 now and my STFT are averaging about between 3 to -4ish. Couldn't have done it without your info! This was definitely a fun learning experience!
  7. KTuner MAF Scaling Help

    Ok got it, thanks. So after I apply the new configurations for MAF scaling, do I just leave the LTFT at 0?
  8. KTuner MAF Scaling Help

    Thanks @360glitch that’s what I was looking for!!! Can this methodology be applied when scaling using STFT as well? And with regards to capturing data. Can I simply just throttle through the entire rev range while parked or is it better to do it when in gear? I ask because the last data log...
  9. KTuner MAF Scaling Help

    @KTuner this is what I have and also a copy of my datalog. So based on this data plot, how do I determine the correct G/S value?
  10. KTuner MAF Scaling Help

    Hello CivicX brothers and sisters, Can anyone provide help/info on MAF scaling for my SI. Currently running a FBO/flex-fuel set-up in my car and my STFT's/LTFT's are both hovering around the -9 to -11 range. I found a great video posted by Caraddict on YouTube essentially walking through the...
  11. Official 10th Gen SI ( DYNO Thread )

    Interesting, were ambient temps really high that day?
  12. Sport Mode with electronic waste gate actuator disabled

    where can i find this info?
  13. KTuner Flex Fuel Question

    @KTuner so for the sake of not having to blend for E30ish and say i wanted to run just straight E85 for convenience, what is the highest PSI i could run to allow this? I ask because i was able to do this previously when i used to run hondata with the +6 flex fuel base map.
  14. Valve cleaning options

    can you provide the video link that show this! I'm really intrigued about this as carbon build up has been a big concern for my SI. I am, at the moment, running a mishi catch-can.
  15. Xgen alliance blown 27won turbo?

    "cause of failure due to excessive heat" If this genius destroyed his turbo because of excessive use of Anti-lag then kudos to 27won for still taking care of its customers.
  16. Xgen alliance blown 27won turbo?

    My guess is probably excessive use of the Hondata Rolling Anti-Lag feature as the utilization of this places tremendous stress on the hot side of a turbo. But in the end, one can only speculate. On another note, it seems they took this video down as I seem to not be able to locate it.
  17. Direct fit Si front lip coming out soon!

    Just painted and installed mine today. Loving the way it looks!
  18. Another mysterious rattle

    Bump. Can anyone offer any insight? I’ve taken out so many panels and still can’t seem to isolate the source of this rattle. It’s driving me nuts!!