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  1. Si uses- how do you use your Si?

    I will be moving out of the country within the next two years and will need to sell the car so I am using it sparingly. I didn't plan on moving, if I had known I wouldn't have bought the Si.
  2. Si's have defective clutch?

    Mine is just over 1,000 miles. So far it feels fine, but I can "feel" the clutch does seem weak. When I do shift spiritedly, I give allowance time to shift due to the rev hang. I thin shifting this without the finesse would accelerate clutch wear and kill it sooner than the norm. I had a...
  3. Anyone buy Spoon Blue Wide Rear View Mirror?

    I run a broadway 300mm convex blue tint. It provides ample glare reduction from headlights at night in my opinion. And the reduction of blind spots is wonderful. I also run my side mirrors all the way out. If you are new to convex mirrors, there is an adjustment period as the point of view...
  4. Is honda civic a nice car?

    Its a Honda Civic, proven platform with reliability and mpg. Aftermarket support, modability, etc. Its nice.
  5. How did you/do you like the factory Si power and performance? Opinions!

    More power is always nice but I feel the horsepower/torque is more than adequate for street use. It would have been nice at 220-230 hp with additional torque to accompany.
  6. NSX and SI Coupe

    I see similar design language...round and edgy.
  7. New car smell

    Mine went away quickly as well, but I intended for that. (parked it outside on a hot day with the windows down) The new car smell has its appeal but its toxic and bad for the lungs.
  8. Poll: Your car's gender

    Its a car. No gender.
  9. 2nd Car?

    The Si is actually the second car, used for spirited driving to make the miles count. Thc daily driver and commuter is my gold on tan Lexus GS300. It handles it all (commuting, grocery getting, hotboxing, deliveries, etc.)
  10. Damn people

    Mine sits in the garage as well, I use my Si for fun driving and thats where the mileage will go up. Daily commute I use my gold on tan gs300....blends right in and doesnt garner attention. To the OP, sorry to see. Sucks that happened to you. My condolences.
  11. Debadge an SI?

    Parked the car on the driveway on a hot day for a couple hours. Then used fishing line to debadge.
  12. Debadge an SI?

    I left the front Si emblem on for that very reason. The rear Civic and Si emblem were taken off.
  13. Coupe Si owners and seat belts...

    It is a reach, 5'8" here. Just use proper body mechanics to avoid any straining.
  14. Regret buying an Si instead of a Type R?

    If the price difference between the Type R and Si were much closer ($5-10K), then yes I would have some buyer's remorse for not going with the Type R cause its a tight car. If it weren't for the additional dealer mark ups making the Type R more expensive, I would have went with it. Its like...
  15. Awkward sitting position in the Si seat?

    Anybody else feel awkward in the Si seat? I thought it was comfortable at first but on a longer drive, I feel some qualms. If I recline the seat to far back, I am sitting at a 45 degree (understandably so). However when positioned in a more upright position, it just feels off. I found a...
  16. Spoiler?

    I would have preferred it high like the the RSX aspec/Type R. The pedestal spoiler on the Si sits to low, would have been better off as a decklid. Go high or go home. Even better, go wingless. Also the Si spoiler reminds of the S2000 Cr.
  17. Which color?

    Is that named after the cannabis strain? Mine is white widow. ;)
  18. Which color?

    All of those colors are great choices. Here is my opinion on all of them. Grey - Urban camouflage, blends in with the streets/concrete. A good compromise between the brightness of white and the darkness of black. Makes me think of area 51 and aliens. White - Bright, futuristic, fresh, its a...
  19. What is your favourite far?

    Perhaps not a modification per say but an upgrade? My 3m Crystalline Cr 40 film. No more fishbowl appearance, superior heat rejection/protection for my interior and skin, pirvacy from prying eyes, and a classy appearance at 40% (not to dark to look suspicious ie 5%, not to light to feel...