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  1. SoCal Social Distance Drive?

    Looks like I'm late to the party. Did you guys ever meet up? I'm down to go if there's another one.
  2. Where do you store your pistol?

    I need to move to a free state. What's your choice for CCW?
  3. 2019 CPB Hatchback Sport 6MT - daily spirited driving (LA, socal)

    Subbed to your YT channel. Looking forward to seeing more vids.
  4. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    I found an interesting comparison video regarding the MHI turbo. I hate posting videos on a forum, but the other MHI thread was closed.
  5. Trunk Spoiler Wing for Honda Civic X 10th 5D Hatchback

    Looks clean!! What exhaust are you running?
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Wow, that looks amazing! What exact paint supplies did you use?
  7. The irritation of the unsolvable rattles, creaks and clicks

    My car is an absolute rattle box. I wonder if the 2020 models suffer from the same issues.
  8. Post your vanity plates.

    ^Wow, never seen that version before. Looks great!
  9. 2018 Civic Sport 6MT (Burning Smell)

    I bought my car at Downtown LA Honda, where cars are kept at 3 different parking lots that are located several blocks from the dealership.
  10. 20th Anniversary S2000

    Please Honda, make this happen!! Honda Will Celebrate 20 Years of S2000 With This Anniversary Prototype It's going to be shown alongside three other cars at Honda's booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. BY BRIAN SILVESTRO DEC 16, 2019 The S2000 turns 20 next year, and Honda is...
  11. 2020 Si

    I'll stick with my 2017, but I wouldn't mind taking the fake rear splitter, to match my fake rear vents.
  12. Fuel Economy - What're you getting?

    Has anyone tried the Lucas oil complete engine treatment? It apparently helps mpg. I've never used this stuff before, so I can't confirm.
  13. Losing gas really quickly?

    After I got my AC unit fixed, my mpg went from a consistent 28 mpg to 23 mpg. My driving habits haven't changed, and my car is bone stock. The paranoid side of me thinks the dealership purposely did something to my car, since they were desperately trying to charge me over $1800 to fix the AC. I...
  14. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    Looks good without the wing. Are you planning on 18's? Dustin Williams put some 18' ZE40's on his CTR, and they looked tiny.
  15. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    Eman is hard to get in touch with though. Saw him at a PRL meet last year, but didn't talk to him. I emailed him about the clutch retro-fit, but he hasn't replied back. I think he only does it for a select few, which doesn't include me. I'm just finally happy we're seeing some true clutch...
  16. Dealer denies repair warranty, what to do?

    I'm kind of going through the same thing. The first dealership I went to (Culver City, CA) didn't want to honor the warranty work, and treated me like crap. I'm currently looking for another dealership to get this work done. Here's what they found regarding my AC. Issue: AC Compressor Leak...
  17. Where did you buy Touch-up Paint?

    Here you go:
  18. 2.0L Ktuner & Flex Fuel

    Hey Derek, thanks for your input. What do you think about the base motor? My goal is to reach 400hp using the PRL Big Turbo. However, I've heard the base motor has some limitations, such as the fuel pump. Do you think it's worth investing time and money building the base 1.5? Any information you...
  19. Had her for 2 months!! 19’ si...Stupid lady in suburban SMFH USE YOUR MIRRORS LADY!!

    Ever since I got my dashcam, 90% of my close calls have been with other female drivers. Not to say that they suck at driving, but they kinda do, lol.
  20. Manual trans first time driver impressions (hatchback sport) (pics)

    Just wait for the next chapter.. Chapter 4: Heel-Toe 1. An introduction to Heel-Toe 1a. What is heel-toe? 1b. When to use it? 1c. Mastering the art. 2. Methods to Heel-Toe 2a - Heel-Toe Downshift 2b - Heel-Toe to a Stop 2,c - Heel-Toe into a Turn Stay tuned folks!