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  1. Any easy way to replace the R Honda emblem on the front grill?

    Here are some photos I took of the process when I did it last summer
  2. Any easy way to replace the R Honda emblem on the front grill?

    Yes, I did this. I didn’t want to remove the bumper to fix mine. I used a plastic pry tool and hair dryer to heat the glue and pry/hack through the glue on the back until I got the emblem off. I then delicately and tediously used goof off to remove the lingering adhesive from the bumper. A quick...
  3. List of the intakes for the Type-R FK8

    Following. Rather than traditional +HP stats, I'm actually interested in which one sounds the best. Obviously this is an opinion question, but I'm curious if any owners have had the opportunity to hear multiple of these and can cast a vote? Happy to take this to a new thread if needed :)
  4. Indiana Drivers?

    What up all! Joined the CTR club in March, found the forum, but just now discovered this thread. If you see a Red CTR hounding the Fishers region roundabouts, it's probably me :D So far just got some fog and headlight tints done, some interior bling, and CF wrapped the wing; otherwise stock...
  5. Any easy way to replace the R Honda emblem on the front grill?

    Could someone confirm the final status of "how to do this"? I also have a crack in my front badge and just got the OEM replacement, but am trying to figure out what am I going to have to do to take the old one off (without breaking it?) and put the new one on. Do I need to take the whole front...
  6. Stripes?

    :thumbsup: The sides look great, and I’m a fan of the small highlight stripes on the edge line of the hood. Looks sick!
  7. Anyone else tired of nervous passengers causing distractions?

    I’d consider myself pretty conservative driving the CTR most the time, but we do have a lot of roundabouts and on ramps around here (which make for a good time in a car like the CTR :D). Usually if I have a passenger and I’m about to gun it or take a curve fast, I give them a heads up before we...
  8. Stripes?

    Chiming in on this. Also been thinking about some stripes, but probably an offset passenger single stripe with a pinstripe. Trying to find some examples online, looks like the link above is the only thing so far? Also curious what people think about this on the Rallye Red body. I really enjoy...
  9. Red Badge Replacement/Fix

    Hey all, been stalking around the forums for a while now, loving the place, but my first question here. I came home from work today, hopped out of my daily, took a walk around the CTR, and upon closer look, discovered that my front badge has a big crack in it . I suspect it happened the day...