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  1. Yonaka making a CTR/Sport Hatch exhaust!

    Yonaka is in the making for the center exhaust hatches (includes CTR). They released a coupe Si exhaust for $445 which was great for the price and it wasn't obnoxiously loud. Hopefully the price stays within range.
  2. Illinois PRL V1 intercooler and Pipings

    $620 shipped All components complete
  3. 1.5T PRL's V1 vs V2 intercooler image comparison

    Thought Id share some photos between the two. I couldnt find a side by side comparison. V1 with PRL symbol V2 is without the PRL symbol V2 is bigger by: 1 inch longer 1/2 inch deeper 1/4 inch taller Piping difference: everything is the same except two things. 1. Mount plate on the piping above...
  4. Illinois 27won Intercooler Kit (Still fresh)

    $old Used for a couple hundred miles
  5. 1.5T Not hitting 30 psi - Sport hatch

    Has anyone encountered this issue? My boost target is at 30 psi and my car is struggling to maintain 28-29 psi. As for my mods, you can check my garage profile.
  6. Illinois Tower bars : DC Sports & Perrin

    Strut tower Bars For Sale DC Sports (Gray) - $100 shipped Perrin (Red) - Sold
  7. Illinois Eibach ProKit Spring

    $200 Can work out a shipping price
  8. Illinois Type R Swaybar for sale

    Right swaybar for (no rust) - sold Left swaybar (with rust and includes endlinks) sold Can work out a shipping price
  9. Stock HPFPs: FK7 vs FK8 (Bonus Si)

    I am posting a side to side comparison to the hpfp in a type R and hatch sport. The type R uses 10mm allen bolts. The sport uses a 12mm allen bolts. It seem thats the type R can be bolted onto the non type R by widening the mounting bolts. I notice the sensor clip is different shape but the same...
  10. Illinois Part Out For Sale

    PRL v1 Intercooler and Piping - $620 shipped 2020 front and Rear garnish-$200 shipped Rconix lugnut -225 shipped Esr wheels with tires-1650 Eibach Prokit Springs - 190 shipped MXP Comp RS exhaust -800 DC Strut Bar - $120 Shipped A friend of mine parted out their hatchback. Took advantage of the...
  11. 27won intercooler to prl turbo

    Will the 27won intercooler hotside pipes fit on the prl turbo kit?
  12. DIY Si intake camshaft swap for your hatch (Unfinished)

    Very nice little mod that can partially convert your hatch engine to an Si. Si Intake Camshaft cost me around $130 from Honda. Intake side! NOT Exchuast side! While doing this process, it is also the best way to swap your OEM headstuds to ARP. (Only if you haven't had a head gasket issue. Only...
  13. Illinois WTB stock cmc

    Yep Im interested
  14. DIY Fuel Upgrade Kit (Fuel Pump Separate Thread)

    FUEL UPGRADE KIT! !!BE AWARE!! NOT COMPLETE PLUG AND PLAY! Car: 2017 Civic Hatchback Prior to this procedure, I upgraded my head studs and swapped my intake camshaft to a Si which is a recommendation for this fuel kit (for non-si). I also upgraded to a 4bar map sensor. Parts Involved...
  15. Illinois 27won Inlet Pipe

    Used 27won Turbo Inlet Pipe $300 shipped All important components are there. The only missing is the plastic wire loom for the inlet pipe which is not necessary. Reason: I upgraded to a PRL turbo kit. ⁸
  16. Illinois PRL Flex Fuel Kit $320 shipped PP only

    PRL Flex Fuel Kit Everything is intact $320 shipped Yes, I cover for the shipping and fees. Paypal Only. Will provide tracking ASAP
  17. Illinois PRL Flex Kit

    350 shipped Paypal Only. Can take other payment method. Will provide tracking.
  18. Illinois SoLD

    PRL V2 catless downpipe and frontpipe with new gasket. $680 shipped PRL Cobra Race Intake (Looks Mint) $360 shipped. Hardware comes complete. Give OBO me
  19. Illinois 27won Turbo Inlet Pipe for PRL Race Intake

    (Will update this post with photos) 27won Turbo Inlet Pipe - $300 shipped All necessary parts are there (bolts, gasket, hose, clamps) Missing the plastic replacement for the wire loom which is not that important. You can just cover the wire with electric wire tape. Paypal Only Will provide...
  20. Illinois Differential bearing

    Brand New Set of Differential Bearings So during my LSD installation, I needed a set of new bearings. I panicked and bought from three different places lol Now I have 2 pairs of differential bearings. I just want how much I paid for them. Ill take the hit on paypal fees and shipping. $90 for...