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  1. 2019 si sedan FBO Ktune/Ecu

    I have this persistent issue with my car 50k miles,fbo, minus turbo oem: the issue im having is that every time I upload my ktune tsp+ my ecu rejects it. What do I mean my dash starts shooting lights this has happened on several occasion's 2x's same day. The only codes thrown are the ones that...
  2. Motegi MR126’s 19x9.5 5x114.3 +32 offset

    I know most use 18x9.5 can i my 19 Si sedan wear 19x9.5? Also will i be needing center bore rings being that the center bore on the Montegis 56.10mm and the Si is 64.10mm. Thanks in Advanced
  3. Bad SI seats

    I have had my Si sedan for approx 3 yrs now, have seat covers over the original seat when i took the cover off for a washing i noticed a hole on the left side as if someone had rubbed the seat to death is this a manufactures defect and will Honda cover the problem under warranty?
  4. Function & Form Sleeves

    I’m sitting on megan racing springs the only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have control of the height. They run great, to me these F&F’s are a better fit not to much or to little. I’ve never heard of anyone using these and the best part is I don’t have to buy unnecessary 350 dollar system...