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  1. FS: Weathertech mats Front & Rear

    SOLD SOLD SOLD THX!! Traded my Civic, have these mats for sale. Front and Rear Sedan, mint condition. SOLD SOLD SOLD .
  2. FS: OEM Clear corner markers + Sylvania LED bulbs

    Sold my Civic, selling my JDM OEM clear corner/marker lights. Mint condition, also including Sylvania Amber LED bulbs. Save money and the hassle of buying from overseas. Sold
  3. FS: Mishimoto Oil Catch Can 1.5T $100 SHIPPED

    Trading my Civic in so I pulled the Mishimoto Oil catch can off. Great condition, all hardware included. Definitely a recommended mod, see the picture with the amount of oil collected in 1500 miles since I last emptied it. SOLD Located near Fredericksburg, VA
  4. Full race built coupe?

    Stumbled across this 10th gen coupe....getting a full race build. Anyone on here?
  5. Door Handle Swap (Touring for EX paint match?)

    Anyone try this yet? Thinking about finding some paint matched handles to swap out the chrome covers which I hate. Looks like they are around $67 a piece list price - already color matched - quick googling they seem to be listed for around $47 each on some of the sites. Wonder if they outer...
  6. Dash Cam

    Any one else running a Dash cam? Just installed my Street Guardian SG9665GC, fits real nice next to the sensing suite behind the rear view mirror. I have the screen set to turn off after 15 seconds so it isn't a distraction. Haven't hard wired it yet I just tucked the wires up under the head...
  7. Your Civic is your daily driver for?

    I can't be the only one that bought the 10th gen Civic as an economical DD instead of driving their toy? Here's my toy: