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  1. Waze volume on android auto

    I use both google maps and Waze in Android Auto on my 2016 Civic EXL with navigation. The volume for Google Maps has different volumes controls for maps and music so you can set the maps to a lower level than music. It doesn't matter if I'm streaming Spotify or Pandora. When I use Waze it...
  2. Invitation! 2016 Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Paid Online Research

    Anyone else get this email? Hello, Because of your 2016 Honda vehicle, your email was given to us so we may invite you to participate in some paid research. Would you be interested in making $75 for filling out a simple online survey giving feedback on how Apple CarPlay or Android Auto...
  3. Emissions System Problem

    Here is a new one for me this week. I have a EX-L with Navigation 1.5L and my car was in the shop twice in last two weeks. Getting the display replaced and error codes cleared.
  4. How often are you having to reboot and what for??

    When I first bought the car I didn't have to reboot for several weeks. Now it seems about every 2-3 days. Some symptoms are time is out of sync with time on main console by steering wheel, Screen will flicker on and off every 2-3 minutes, lost Bluetooth connection to phone. This is getting...
  5. My new black EX-L with Navigation

    It was raining hard when I bought it so it was clean for about 5 minutes before I drove off. Today is the real first nice day I was able to clean it up a little. I put about 1,000 miles on it so far and I'm getting low to mid 40's MPG average highway. I love the built in navigation. So far...
  6. CVT surging up and down

    I have a EX-L 1.5L Turbo and I see the tach going up and down 50-100rmps over and over sometimes. You can set the cruise control to say 65mph and you feel the car when it does it like someone is putting on the brake just a little off and on. The speed stays consistent and you can see the tack...
  7. Android Auto

    How do you navigate using the address in one of your contacts on the phone? Thanks
  8. Honda Sensing or Nav on Civic EX-L

    I'm about to purchase a new Civic EX-L with Navigation. I like the idea of built in navigation and not needing or putting the portable Garmin in and out of the front window. Is it worth it or would you go with the sensing. So far my deal offer is $1,757 off MSRP of $25,535. Thanks in advance.