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  1. Tuners - who can I hire to help me start over after Kefi's disappearance?

    Why do most canadians use them? Saw they are based out of Puerto Rico, and as a Canadian, I don't see why I would choose them over some of the American guys? (not a troll question by the way, I'm genuinely curious)
  2. Front lip protection?

    I was always stressing about the appearance of my car until I was following someone around 260 kmh and essentially sandblasted my front end. Now its great not having to care about how it looks until I//if I sell it
  3. Reliability of fbo and a tune

    How can there be a common point of failure if only 1 vehicle failed
  4. PRL Downpipe Install Help

    I've heard the bolts on the turbo tend to break so be careful...
  5. Where to mount flashpro?

    I routed mine from the obd, up and around the head unit (wire is tucked under vents behind upper portion of HU) and into the pocket under the wireless phone charger. its barely noticeable
  6. Need help troubleshooting intermittent misfire

    with the dp + fp i would suggest maybe a custom dyno tune. the tune might be able to iron out any kinks//point you in the right direction
  7. Pherable stage 2 dyno numbers

    to be fair though, a dyno tune is probably much safer....
  8. Who is going to trade in for the GR Corolla?

    It's a VERY tempting trade for me - only reason being I'm a Toyota mechanic, so financially (parts, repairs, warranty work) its a no brainer. Going to have to drive it but tbh I don't see this being more fun than the fk8

    IMO there's no aftermarket wheel that looks as good as the OEM 20's People who daily their car find more comfort in the smaller size so it all depends on what you plan to do with the car. You will be trading off handling for the smaller wheels *but* there is much more option for track specific...
  10. Convince me out of selling for a tesla

    OP here I read and appreciate all your answers. That being said, before I go on, I had booked a test drive for tommorow (sunday) prior to making this thread that I will still go through to see what the drive is like for myself After reading all your responses, I researched further into the...
  11. Convince me out of selling for a tesla

    how is the handling of the model 3? I know its not going to be nearly as precise as the fk8 but how would it compare againt more "nomral performance daily" vehicles? what kind of quality control issues did you have and how was Tesla when it came to handling complaints/servicing the car? I read...
  12. Convince me out of selling for a tesla

    Title says it all. Currently have a 2014 corolla as a winter car/summer daily + the CTR as my summer toy With gas prices on the up n up im really considering selling both for a 2022 model 3 long range Good daily, fun car for summer (hopefully can scratch the ctr itch), awd for winter driving...
  13. Fk8 - Tuned - FBO - 390 whp

    Maybe a nice acceleration video too. Would love to see the 60-120
  14. Making 550whp on a stock internal type r

    is the car still holding up well?
  15. Reliability of fbo and a tune

    The hondata tune is very conservative. I doubt the tune is at fault
  16. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    For those of you with the tune, is there anything you would want changed//unhappy with? Ive already seen some people say the gas pedal is too responsive/sensitive
  17. Driver's side seat bolster loose and wobbly

    In my original post I mentioned having warranty work done and my airbag being misaligned. Replacing my seat frame was the warranty work done for the same issue in your pic
  18. Driver's side seat bolster loose and wobbly

    If you are talking about the bolster that your back rests between my driver left side one was loose//misaligned after i had some warranty work done to my seat. when i went back to the dealer they said it was actually the side seat airbag that wasnt reinstalled properly and they were able to...
  19. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    is there a big a difference on the hondata 93 oct tune (no mods) vs this (no mods) ?
  20. Current 2017 Civic Type R Trade-in value, should I trade-in or not? Did you?

    I can pocket 10-15k if I sold my CTR right now compared to what I paid for it but IMO that isn't enough to replace the joy I get out of driving my car That being said, if I had the money to sell AND buy a new supra comfortably, I would