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  1. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Stock height for now, I have my Swift R springs in the garage ready to be installed.
  2. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Daily wheel setup 18x9.5 +45 Advan RZ-F2 wheels in Titanium blue with Advan Apex 265/35-18 tires
  3. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    There was also another fellow Type R there as well but didn't get to chat. He ran all day as well with no issues from what I've seen.
  4. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Thank you, can't wait to install my Swift springs!
  5. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    I got my main wheels sooner than I thought I would, love them. 18x9.5 +45 Advan RZ-F2 with Yokohama V601 265/35-18
  6. 18x9.5 +45 wheels inside rubbing?

    The 45 series tire is too tall, you will need either 255/40 or 265/35 tires to fit with no issues. Thats the common tire sizes I've seen fellow members run.
  7. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Track wheels on, my Advan wheels arrive sooner than I thought and should go on shortly.
  8. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    Well, I guess good news for me. Ran at Thunderhill Raceway this past Thursday for a 5 Mile event, 75 degrees, overcast and had no issues of overheating based on the dummy temp gauge on the dash and was making power throughout the entire day. All bone stock on 200TW Federal tires and aftermarket...
  9. Track Day Gear List?

    +1 on this, so worth the money if you work on your car or just to swap wheels at home/track.
  10. Honda LogR disappeared after recent Android Auto update

    I used it this past weekend but didn't have an update for my phone as of yet. I love the app when it works but is annoying as everytime I get it to work, turn of the car, restart the car, I have to reboot my phone then it starts working, otherwise it would show the no data info on the screen...
  11. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I put my aftermarket wheels on right after driving with the stock wheels, only thing I did notice was the steering wheel having a heavier feel but I have not issues with suspension/handling issues. Accelerated on an on ramp this morning and no issues on WOT.
  12. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    I wanted a set as well but with these delayed shipments, I went a different route. Maybe if they are ever back in stock, I'd consider purchasing them.
  13. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Love the color of theses wheel 18x9.5 +38 with 265/35-18 RS-RR Other wheels on order and these will do for now
  14. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Personally, they are all opinions unless you have tried them yourself. 18x9.5 with +38 or +45 range will work with 265/35-18 or the 255/40-18 tires. Will you drive this car so hard and aggressive on local roads for you to even notice torque steer? Have you experienced torque steer? Now these are...
  15. BRONZE ONLY wheel Thread post your CTR

    This thing looks awesome! Still one of the best wheels IMO, especially on CW.
  16. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I was going to go with the 275 F1s as well but my wheels are too aggressive to run them, my extra/extra set of wheels wil be +45 to rock those wide tires. Looks great.
  17. Regamaster 18x10 +50 Fitment

    Anymore updates with photos and issues?