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  1. How many miles do you guys get on full tank? (Poor mpg)

    Tire pressure is probably the most important thing in regards to mpgs. It’s also the easiest and cheapest.
  2. New Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps / Covers

    Dude it sounds like you are blasting this vendor. They literally give coupon codes on this thread, kinda what it’s for. And anything hand made may have some imperfections. Sheesh!
  3. Strut bar don’t fit

    Sure but it also may not work to get it over the studs. The motor weight pulls the strut towers together. So if you just jack it up a little should relax the towers enough.
  4. Strut bar don’t fit

    Jacking up the motor might give you enough but if you’re going to lift the car do it evenly or a jack point in the center of the front. If you do just one side the bar will be more loaded on one side vs the other.
  5. Downpipe for honda 2020 sport hatchback

    RV6 hasn’t had and still doesn’t have issues that I am aware of. Go with them. Stick to companies with proven quality and manufacturing. A Downpipe will always increase exhaust noise because you are introducing more airflow in the exhaust stream. It also requires a tune to add more fuel to...
  6. Acuity shifter cable bushings…

    Any issues with any other gears? The cable can be damaged if you pull too much to install the bushings. If you don’t release more of the cable before you need to put more stress to pop it off and back on.
  7. Type R OEM front lip color?

    It’s just textured plastic there is no paint.
  8. New Jersey Honda Civic Type R full OEM exhaust for sale

    Just toss it. Nobody wants them. Or cut it and keep it for later
  9. AWE Touring not a true 3in exhaust?

    Thermal r&d comes with a front pipe but only a flange on the dp side, the rest uses band clamps. Which I really like btw. I didn’t measure it so I don’t know the comparison but it’s the same tubing diameter throughout….
  10. PRL VS Mishimoto Inlet Pipe

    Nobody has even received a mishimoto one yet ?. Ask this question next weekend
  11. Anyone running this Depo "Porsche style" sidemarkers?

    Yea usr through Amazon. Same depo lights and they are very nice even if I paid extra. USR UNIQUE STYLE RACING DEPO civic side markers-911 Carrera Style LED Light Bar Smoke Front Bumper Sidemarker Lamp comp. with 2016-2021 Honda Civic Coupe Sedan Hatchback All Models(10thGen White LED)...
  12. Anyone running this Depo "Porsche style" sidemarkers? I don’t know if they are knock off or not. I bought mine from USR and they were like $80. So I really don’t know if these are the same.
  13. Mishimoto Race Intake R&D Thread

    Just got a UPS ship notification ??
  14. Mishimoto Race Intake R&D Thread

    Is the elbow going to be available for the non race intake? Like if you purchased the race but may just run the inlet pipe (with the mishi performance Intake) while waiting on other parts? Or maybe just make that available to us especially if it’s just 1 piece required ??‍♂️
  15. Lower Control Arm (LCA) replacement... or bent subframe

    Steering wheel position has nothing to do with camber at all. It’s the toe that moves the steering wheel position. ?? What a lazy ass tech too. Always drive after align for that exact reason, steering wheel straight. Especially if it was straight to begin with. Generally if other adjustments...
  16. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    yea stock I dropped them off at a local pinstriper and told him if he gets an idea run with it. So that’s what he came up with. I like them. Especially since nobody wants them and with 27mm spacers they fit so mint.
  17. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2019 Civic Type R Total tuned time: 16 months Tuned miles driven: 25,000 Tuning device(s) used: Hondata Race Flashpro Tunes used: Hondata basemaps only as of now. 91 improved throttle response 93 improved throttle response Then I did the 93 + downpipe and then Dp +...