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  1. Tidal app on headunit

    Has anyone had any luck running Tidal directly on the headunit (not AA/CarPlay)? I installed Tidal 2.2.5 but it won't login to Tidal. FWIW I used to run Tidal thru CarPlay but then one cannot use Viper4Android for equalization, hence why I am trying to run Tidal on the headunit. Or perhaps...
  2. Throttle body coupler diameters

    I would like to replace the rubber throttle body couler with silicone. What are the diameters?
  3. Extended wheel studs

    To those of you who installed extended wheel studs, did you manage to change the fronts without removing the hubs? I was able to change the rears easily by loosening the disc shield and rotating it to a position in which the studs can be easily changed, but I have not yet attempted the fronts...
  4. Caliper touchup paint

    Is there a touchup paint from Honda to match the caliper red paint? Or perhaps an aftermarket touch up paint that matches well? Anyone? PS Apologize if this has been answered before, I tried searching but to no avail.
  5. OEM FK8 Type-R exhaust tips

    Are the OEM Type-R exhaust tips removable?
  6. Varis rear wing effective?

    Can anyone attest from their own track experience if the rear carbon wing from Varis actually increases downforce? I am looking to add a bit high speed corner stability to the rear of my R, but dont want to go overboard with a 3k GT wing.
  7. Hondata app on headunit constantly disconnecting / address limit

    Hi, I just got my FlashPro and I must say I am amazed by the multitude of tuning settings. However I am not able to work out two issues: 1) Limit BT access - I have specified two BT MAC addresses in the FlashPro Manager (my PC's and the cars headunit's), but I can still connect to the...
  8. Turbo spool and lag with aftermarket intercoolers for the FK8

    So after quite a bit of reading I am not really sure which aftermarket IC to go with. My primary concern is to maintain stock (or better) engine responsiveness. Which IC gives the least turbo lag and/or the best spool? Has anyone actually had the opportunity to compare them? Looking forward to...