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    You double posted. both posts I can't see the video only audio.

    good advice headgasket lift is actually common with cars running ethanol. however the ones I know of were stock turbo on E and not making 30+ psi of boost
  3. What's your SI looking like today?

    Spicy Chicken
  4. Bunch a cvt throwing rods

    Aren’t the fk7 rods different parts numbers are are weaker ?
  5. W1 Turbo Alarming Failure Rate

    What kind of power were you making ? Driving conditions ?
  6. W1 Turbo Alarming Failure Rate

    Has your W1 failed? They’ve fixed w1s bought 2nd hand already damaged out of warranty. they seem to be much more understanding.
  7. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Wow I wouldn't think I'd be tuned this long and with this much mods since. I aim to touch 300hp or 280-290whp. Not building past that. I believe 300 is the magical number on this cars when skirting reliability with a little power.
  8. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    damn man why you gotta hurt our feelings :(
  9. PRL intake problem

    Canadian models require the reservoir conversion kit USDM Windshield Washer Reservoir Conversion Kit 2016+ Civic 1.5T
  10. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    They could beef up the internals, better fueling system and bump up the turbo. The aftermarket scene pretty much laid out the ground work for honda on how much power they can still extract out of the l15b7.
  11. gtman decides to sell his Civic X

    Oh ???? damn got me
  12. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    The Yaris looks so fun on the track at least the videos of it I’ve seen.
  13. gtman decides to sell his Civic X

    Sad news! but happy to hear about youre sticking around. it has always been a pleasure reading your posts.
  14. Traded in the Si for a new GTI

    The Yaris GR and the new golf R are serious machines. Toyota better offer an equivalent alternative.
  15. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    Looks over at my TE37s wrapped with Indy 500 245s. #feelsbadman #Ididitallwrong #moddedtobeslower edit: great news thread OP.
  16. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    My dealership follows my IG so there’s no Oh yes I was stock and then..... They’ve reposted my car on their page too. they still do routine maintenance on the car when I don’t have time to do it myself. but I’m not kidding myself if I blow up. thread is kinda getting side tracked with op...
  17. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    There’s been reports of the act throwout bearings going bad on other car models. I haven’t heard specifically for 10th gen civics yet but I wanted to mitigate that chance.
  18. ACT Clutch + Flywheel Review

    I finished my break in. No high rpm lock out. No issues to report. The clutch has been flawless so far. Paired with the usual. KzCMC PRL SS braided clutch line Trans fluid changed to Amsoil MTF. Note: I told the shop to use the provided new OEM throwout bearing. Mechanic said he tested it and...
  19. New Hondata Tunes for Non-Si

    I had my hondata set to the SI lol. A good rule of thumb is if you dont understand what it is, you can do without it until you become familiar with whats going on.
  20. W1 Turbo Alarming Failure Rate

    I know people with a lot of mileage on their w1s. Mine has been on for 300 miles. im looking for close to 300whp and no plans to go flex fuel. realistically for me probably 280 on 92 And I am happy with that. if you’re looking at over 300 into the 330+ I think even though the w1 is well and...