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  1. 2017 honda civic not working

    Could be related to this.
  2. Pulsating sensation in car under heavy braking

    Simply cost cutting. I have had 3 generations of odyssey and it is the same. You can see the quality going downhill.
  3. Pulsating sensation in car under heavy braking

    If there is decent pad and rotor thickness left, turning the rotors might do the trick if it is rust related.
  4. Can outside windshield impact crack from the inside?

    Are you sure you feel nothing on the outside? Use a ballpoint pen or your finger nail. Certainly looks like impact to my eyes. Is that an area that can be hit if you slap down the windshield wiper blades? That force can actually crack windshield.
  5. How old is too old to buy a Type R? (FK8)

    As long as you are young at heart, chronological age is irrelevant. YOLO!
  6. What 11th gen colors are you expecting?

    I hear ya. But the tech stuff is going to stay... The trend is to be more autonomous, and less and less reliant on the driver. Auto braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise, blind spot monitoring...
  7. What 11th gen colors are you expecting?

    I doubt they will do yellow since the Type R has it.
  8. Today Screwed up....

    You just did a money shift and mechanically over-revved the engine. Not a good thing. This is not the same as revving the engine in any gear up to the red line and meet the redline with fuel cut off.
  9. Any value servicing vehicle at Honda vs. Brick&Mortar vs. Self maintenance

    I don’t wrench myself. I tend to stick with dealer (even though they cost more) especially during warranty period. I do a lot of research online so I usually have a pretty good idea what is required, especially warranty related issue. I have been using my current dealer for 16 years and have...
  10. 2016 owners : Do you have any noticeable wear and tear ?

    So you have the same bearing replaced twice, correct? Lug nuts not tight is crazy....
  11. 2016 owners : Do you have any noticeable wear and tear ?

    Hmmmm, that’s not good. Maybe first year new model pain? I was just thinking maybe you bought it used and there was history of water damage that can cause all kinds of electrical issues.
  12. 2016 owners : Do you have any noticeable wear and tear ?

    Worn wheel bearings? Or defective ones under warranty? I had 227k km in my last odyssey (I know it is not civic) and didn’t have that issue. Did you buy the car new? History of flood damage?
  13. Civic coupe 2017: buyback, return or get Coupe 2020?

    If you don’t want to learn and do it yourself, spend a few hundred bucks at a professional detailer and your car will look brand new. Hondas should go 100,000 miles easy without any major expense if regularly maintained and not abused. I have a miata and it is a totally different car from a...
  14. I just bought a Civic Si, have some questions.

    Just try your best to learn to drive it. Don’t sweat it. Be patient, be gentle. Try not to ride the clutch either. Don’t dump the clutch while revving it, watch out for money shift. We all learn from day one, no one is born an expert. Not everyone becomes a heel-toe expert while tracking in...
  15. My new Supra

    Part of my collection
  16. Hooning on the 401 west in North York last night?

    Should have poured some beer over you head. Then offer to take a breathalyzer and blow zero. I kid, I kid....
  17. Engine shut off at red-light stops

    Cheaper to buy gas IMO than paying for the wear and tear on starter, battery. You can probably save more gas by driving at the speed limit. If I am really keen on saving the planet, I will be on the Prius forum. I do recycle though