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  1. LX K20C2 + CTR 6 SPEED

    Are you referring to thatslowfc2? I recall he’s running it fine.
  2. LX K20C2 + CTR 6 SPEED

    Sounds like you’re contradicting yourself there bud. Calm down. Try to be more friendly when commenting instead of attacking people; You did so on other posts too. We can all agree it will take time and money to perform a stunt like this. Some harness connectors are the same and can be...
  3. LX K20C2 + CTR 6 SPEED

    Pistons, wrist pins, rods, and crank are not interchangeable. Different sizes/clearances. possible but not guaranteed. so far, timing chain, intake valves, and valve cover are same part numbers. The headgaskets are very similar.
  4. LX K20C2 + CTR 6 SPEED

    Ctr trans won’t bolt up to c2 block unless you add bell housing adapter and crack/flywheel spacer. Ctr block will bolt up to c2 head if and only if custom pistons are used due to increased travel with intake valve under vtec. Then you’ll be able to do ctr trans but need custom axles.
  5. So this is a weird one but please help

    Tell them to do it anyway. It’s their job.
  6. K20c2 Turbocharger?

    After looking again. the type r block may work. custom pistons are needed due to extra travel with the intake valves from vtec. i thought it wouldnt work before because of 2 extra holes on the type r gasket that the 2.0 na head does indeed have.
  7. Another “ need help with emission” post

    worse comes to worst just put it back to stock, get tested, then go back to not stock lol, then you will be good for the next 2 years or however many years until your next checkup
  8. Another “ need help with emission” post

    They may fail for disabled monitors. If you have catted downpipe and you got the rear o2 extender then you can try enabling all the monitors, clear codes (reset ecu) then drive for a few days and if the check engine light doesn’t come on then you should be good to go, but if it comes on and a...
  9. 2018 Civic Ex Hatch lower MPG after CAI install?

    injectors could be running rich. If you want to chance a diag fee at a honda dealer, you can say you're loosing gas mileage and ask for an A/F TEST and if injectors fail, and your car is under 7 yrs/70k miles, then it would be covered under emissions warranty. id advise going back to stock...
  10. 2017 CIVIC EX ACC problems

    to be clear, you are in cruise control under acc behind a car and the car on top right of gauge screen disappears and starts accelerating getting closer to the car in front of you?
  11. Civic 1.5t crankcase vent hose flattened

    I've had a customers car that had that hose shriveled up and split open. was shocked the check engine light didn't come on. my guess would be the hot oil vapors.
  12. Civic Vs New Integra

    whats the individual button do next to shifter?
  13. New York Civic Si. Invidia exhaust for oem

    I pmd you but you didnt respond, I have an oem one.
  14. Searching (positive) Battery Cable Assembly Starter

    Unfortunately that part will not work on your car, your battery cable is tapped into the transmission harness. the correct part number for the battery cable is 28150-5CG-A10
  15. someone know the part number?

    I can confirm the above part number is correct.
  16. someone know the part number?

    I will check tomoro
  17. Fuel Removal

    hose might get caught on the ribbed main fuel filler hose, there are a couple of 90 degree bends.
  18. Fuel Removal

    disconnect the fuel hose near intake manifold. be careful it will be under pressure. and cycle the ignition on and off without cranking engine. depending on how much fuel you have, it may take up to an hour to drain.