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  1. Non-Si Part Out Lots of Parts

    So i'm finally putting up parts for sale. Trading my car in so all my parts must go. Pulling parts off my car this week. Located in 626 SoCal. Would prefer to sell locally but will ship. Most parts have anywhere from 1k-4k of use on them. I barely drive my car and most of the time it was...
  2. 2018 Hatchback Sport Track Build 290whp

    Hey guys, posting up my 2018 hatchback sport with 10k miles on it for sale before parting it out. Would love to sell it as is and not deal with having to part it out, but in no rush. All parts have been put on within the last 4-6k mi and the car is basically driven maybe 100 mi per week. Has...
  3. Controlling Knock Control

    So Vincent made a great post explaining Knock Count and Knock Control and the base 1.5T ecu just not playing ball at higher rpm + boost levels. So I was wondering if there was a way to combat that rise? I'm already running E40 blend and tuned by DRob but regardless hard driving will always...
  4. FC1 Engine swap into FK7

    Okay so I haven't seen any threads on swaps but I think the Circuit Heart FK7 now has a Si engine/trans, and I was wondering what it would take to actually get this done. I love my FK7 but dealing with KC it getting ridiculous, even after a great tune by DRob and running E85. So here's my...
  5. FS: Recaro Sportser CS with planted bracket/recaro sliders

    Have the following seat. It's extremely comfortable but i'd like to go with a full bucket so selling it and going to order a Bride Zeta III. Looking for $1300 OBO including sliders and bracket. This is a direct fit for any 10th gen. Have had the seat for roughly 3 weeks. Mint condition...
  6. Invidia Q300, Eibach Pro Kit Springs, OEM Turbo - Hatchback Sport

    Have a few things to get rid of as i've been making a few upgrades: Invidia Q300 Exhaust - $450 OBO Here's an exhaust clip when I was still catted Eibach Pro Kit Springs - SOLD OEM Turbo with 6k miles - $400 OBO Located in Socal 626. Local cash pickup pls.
  7. Rear BBK idea/question

    So I know nobody has made a bbk for the rear because of the ebrake assembly attached to the rear brake caliper.. my question is how hard would it be to separate the caliper and e-brake module? I have to assume that some company has thought about this? I'd be happy with even a 2 piston rear...
  8. Removing hatchback trunk panels to install strut tower braces

    Hey guys, looking for some info on removing trunk interior panels to install my Ultra Racing trunk bars as well as get access to rear coilover struts for adjusting. Haven't been able to find anything. I'd love to have some info before I start tearing stuff apart myself. Any help is really...
  9. WTB : Type R or Civic Si Front Seats

    Looking for a pair of front Type R or Civic Si seats. Had a pair bought and didn't work out so looking again! Would be great if it was in SoCal but willing to pay for shipping if it's not. PM me if you have a set!
  10. 1.5T What does it cost to build an engine

    So i've reached a point where my engine build is planned out. I know what parts I want and what parts will cost, but what about the actual labor and time? Would love if anybody with experience and chime in. This is what i'm planning so far for my FK7: Saenz rods JE 10.3:1 Pistons Si Camshaft...
  11. 1.5T Want stronger internals for more power.. what do I need?

    Hey guys, so i'm extremely happy with my setup right now. Running the VitViper Si turbo tuned by DRob and making 260whp/250whp on stock internals and bolt ons on an extremely conservative tune. I'm already on E85 and i'm building my car mainly for track and canyons so consistent reliable...
  12. WTB: PRL Cobra Race Intake Non-Si

    Hit me up if anyone has one!
  13. WTB: Type R OEM Seats

    If anybody in SoCal is selling a set, please hit me up!
  14. Stock Turbo 6k Miles off my FK7

    Really happy with my VitViper turbo so no longer feel the need to keep my stock turbo. Has 6k miles on it and ran the 21 psi KTuner map since 2k miles. $500 OBO and another $50 to ship. Located in 626 SoCal.
  15. Chased a Veloster N around the canyons

    One of my friends had a Veloster N press car so we decided to do some canyon driving to see how it held up. Here's a link to my build: Ultimately my car accelerated slightly quicker. I'm running the VitViper turbo I...
  16. Anybody interested in doing a dyno meet day?

    Now that i'm starting to put some power down, i've realized that while a lot of people mod their cars, not a lot of people are putting actual dyno numbers down. So for fun, I was thinking it'd be cool to have a dyno day for people to go out and just see what numbers they're running relative to...
  17. 1.5T How to prime new turbo

    Hey guys, so i'm planning on swapping my turbo tomorrow and wanted to find out how to prime the turbo before starting for the first time. Greatly appreciate any help!
  18. Recommended SoCal KTuner Tuners

    Hey guys, so i'm just about ready to do my first tune and i'm looking for recommendations for tuners. Also any info on what kind of costs i'll be looking at would be greatly appreciated too. I'm running KTuner with just a PRL Downpipe and Mishimoto Intake Box and am planning to order the 27Won...
  19. WTB: Civic Si Seats

    Looking to buy Civic Si Seats. Located in SoCal 626. Might be a long shot but also interested in trading my stock sport seats plus cash on top. Have 6k on my interior so it's mint. Thanks!
  20. FS: Goodyear Eagle Sport 235/40/18 Used - $50 - SoCal

    I have a set of OEM Goodyear Eagle Sports in 235/40/18 off my car for sale. Fronts have a good 50% tread left and the rears are at about 70%. Looking for $50 picked up. Just switched over to 245/40/18 Indy 500's so don't need these sitting around.