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  1. Console Part - Escutcheon

    Where can I buy the escutcheon part? I see it as #10 or #45 on the attached image. But #10 is not listed on honda parts now and #45 says discountinued. Reason for looking for a new part is one of the clips broke off that panel. So it is rather I find a new one or glue the plastic piece back on.
  2. Window trim peel - Looking for updated part#

    Been trying to find a post both on here and facebook since I don't recall where I saw it. There was a post someplace about an updated part #'s for the window trim piece that the rubber sticks out and isn't flush.
  3. HKS Racing Extension kit (DP)
  4. HKS Intercooler kit expected February 2019

    HKS Intercooler kit
  5. HKS Cold Air Intake System

    Don't recall seeing this posted anywhere
  6. SEMA 2018

    Wanted to create a thread for everyone to share any cool things at SEMA. Specifically anything related to the FK8
  7. Dream Automotive Direct Port Injection Manifold

    @Fastrax04 mentioned in another thread about Dream Automotive's Port Injection Manifold. So I went and looked and found this to share with everyone.
  8. Radium Catch Can (single or dual)

    Here is a link for the Radium Catch Can. Interesting they have a few options. Single can on the PCV or CCV or do a dual can setup.
  9. Radium Coolant Tank Kit

    Here is a link to Radiums Coolant Tank Kit
  10. TDI North

    Came across this video for TDI North. Will be interested to see what they come out with since they mention hybrid turbos (5:39).
  11. Drop in filter options

    Debating on getting a drop in filter to appease and hold me over. Allows me to wait longer and see more products come to market for the FK8. Here are some of the options I came across. Probably leaning towards a non oiled filter unless convinced otherwise. Did I miss any and which one is the...
  12. Honda Hack - No compass or turn by turn

    After running honda hack pro on my vehicles headunit I no longer have the compass or turn by turn in my instrument display area. Has anyone encountered this and have a fix? -tried restarting headunit
  13. Civic Type R Exhaust

    Saw this sponsored forum area with no post so wanted to get things started for @GrahamRahalPerformance. Checkout their exhaust with an updated downpipe blanket!
  14. Detailing - Seats

    What product does everyone recommend that is safe on our seats to clean/protect it? and also a how to?
  15. IAT and ECT Temps

    Wanted to see what temps people are seeing for IAT and ECT for their cars. Feel like my car runs hot. Example -Highway driving at 70mph -IAT:109-113 -ECT: 183-186 -Temp outside low 80's
  16. Poor headlight output - Options?

    The light output for night driving is terrible on my Type R. Don't light up the road or signs at all and they seem to be aimed properly as far as I can tell. Just for reference my previous car an 2003 Acura CL had great HID lights. My current daily driver a 2014 Accord has good lights. The Type...
  17. Downpipe with high flow cat?

    Any companies planning on releasing a downpipe with a high flow cat? Not sure I want to go the decat route since if I get an exhaust it will more than likely make everything louder than I want. Only current one I see is the Millek...
  18. Injen Intercooler Pipe Upgrade

    Not sure if this has been posted somewhere already but noticed this was recently added on Kamispeed. INJEN WRINKLE RED INTERCOOLER PIPE UPGRADE - 2017+ HONDA CIVIC TYPE R
  19. Lug Nuts for TE37

    Help me decide which lug nuts to get to pair with my TE37 in diamond dark gunmetal. Want something that has some lock to discourage any theft. Open to suggestions besides what is in the poll. Which hopefully doesn't make the choice even harder lol...
  20. Workshop Manual

    Anyone know if we can get our hands on a workshop manual for our FK8?