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  1. K20C1 Camshaft Testing - Unlocking the RPM, sound, and power we all love in a Honda Racing Engine

    Did you have to remove the crankshaft pulley? That's usually a pain to remove. Please let us know how it performs once you've got it tuned.
  2. K20C1 Camshaft Testing - Unlocking the RPM, sound, and power we all love in a Honda Racing Engine

    Hi Luke, thanks for all the tests and results being shared with the community. I am toying with the idea of installing TR2 cams with an MHI turbo. Tuning will be done myself, because I enjoy fiddling with it. The car is on Hondata Flashpro, stock fuel system and simple bolt-ons. The MHI turbo...
  3. Fuel Injection Service @ 30K

    I think the hose is the one described in step 11 of Mishimoto's Oil Catch Can installation guide. Below is a link to the guide. For the Type R, it is described in step 3 of the following install guide...
  4. Hood pins manufacturer?

    I've been using that on my STI for years. They are pretty good. However, sometimes it is hard to push down the lever (to engage pin). It used to happen seldomly, but is getting more often. I can't figure out if it is the geometry of the mechanism or something else. I have to somehow push the pin...
  5. Hondata tire size calibration

    I'll be using metric here but the percentage should be the same. My tires are 245/40/18 which is less than 1% smaller than stock. However, when the speedometer shows 100 km/h, Waze's GPS shows only 94 km/h. That's a 6% difference. BTW, my 1.5T Civic has a 4% difference. For the FK8, I used...
  6. Wondering about my new wheels

    CRZ wheel bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3. The FK8 uses 5 x 120.
  7. Brutal - Quickjacks won't work with the Type R :(

    I've been using the Quickjack BL-5000EXT for 3 years with no problem. I use the included 2" rubber lift blocks. According the Quickjack's specs, the 5000 series has a frame height of 3" while the 7000 series is 3.5".
  8. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System Install Guide

    The above, plus it is unmetered air. It will make your trims more positive.
  9. PRL Race MAF rescaling question

    There is a drop down box in Hondata where you can choose the PRL Race MAF. Not too sure of the terms used, but under the calibration tab, choose sensors, then AFM. You will see a drop down box where the different MAF housings are available. It is also be available in the mods tab. * edited...
  10. Hondata Jailbreak?

    For 2019, you only have to jailbreak. For 2020-21, you need to buy a canbus bypass module then jailbreak. Details here:
  11. Can I use conical lugs on Type R OEM wheels?

    This might work:
  12. Bottles that fit well in cupholders?

    Brings shifter closer to the steering wheel. Shifting must feel like rowing a boat!
  13. Mitsubishi drop in turbo upgrade for CTR

    I'm guessing because the journal bearings have no oil pressure to float the shaft. Oops, alejandroads123 beat me to it.
  14. XDi fuel pump. Help needed

    Isn't the drilled end on the fuel rail side?
  15. XDi fuel pump. Help needed

    I am assuming you only installed the XDI pump and are tuning on Hondata. Did you check the XDI Fuel Pump box in the Mods tab of Hondata?
  16. Front bumper

    I picked it up from somewhere in this forum. It is a section from the OEM foglight installation manual. I've attached the entire document.
  17. Fk8 won't start after fuel system install

    I'm just throwing out ideas. Try reading your spark plugs. Are they the same color? Anything wet, black, etc.