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  1. California FS: OEM 2019 Civic Hatchback Sport Factory Wheels $450 OBO

    Pick up around the Bay Area preferably San Jose area. Has some curb rash on a few wheels I think. Check the pictures below. The center wheel caps are vinyl wrapped red but it can be taken off. $450 or your best offer.
  2. Mixed 2 Gal of 101 with 91 Issue / Question

    Mixed about 2.1 Gal so technically still 92 instead of 93 I believe. Wanted to test if there was any small difference. I forgot to check the K.Con so I will have to check it out later but I have a question. Right after fueling in 101 on top of the 91, the Mile Range stayed the same. Is this...
  3. Do I Need a Flex Fuel Kit for E10?

    Is E10 safe for daily driver? California has no 93 only 100, 101+ but most likely have 10% Ethanol added in. It's probably safe to get about 3 gallons I think to mix with 91? Probably safe and no need for flex fuel converter kits since the Ethanol concentration is low?
  4. Exhaust Tip Extender for FK7 Hatchback?

    Want to increase the stock exhaust tip size to be a little bit bigger. Saw this one . I like it but it is a bit pricy and not sure if I dig the burnt tip style. Might use metal polish to rub it away if possible. Yay or nay on...
  5. Anyone Have OEM Type R RMM installed on their Hatchback?

    I keep seeing Si users with Type R RMM but are there any FK7 peeps using the Type R RMM in their hatch? How is it? Does it benefit tuned CVT builds as well? Want to go with Type R one as I heard the increased NVH is very little compared to the aftermarket ones.
  6. 1.5T What specific filter does 27WON CAI use?

    Looking to get a second cone style air filter for the 27WON CAI to switch out during cleaning. Want to get the same one if possible. What model does it use?
  7. How to get ECU Number without removing Intake?

    Is there a way to get the ECU Part Number without removing the intake? I have the 27WON Intake installed by a shop and do not want to have to remove it in order to get the ECU Number. Does the KTuner OBD plug automatically detect the ECU number? Is there another label of the ECU part number any...
  8. 27WON Decal Placement. Would it be better to move to rear driver side window near center pillar?

    Added the 27WON Decal today but having second thoughts. I think it looks best on the rear side near the center pillar. What do you think? Would the 27WON Strut Bar come with the same decal? I am getting that next and moving the decal there if it looks better.
  9. Anyone Cancelled and Got a Refund on Extended Warranty After 60 Days?

    Looking to cancel and get a refund on Honda Extended Warranty. For those of you that have done this, how did it go? Do you need to bring in the car when coming in to sign the papers? Please let me know how your experience went. Thank you!
  10. Can Tuned Civics Handle Long Distance Trips?

    Is it safe for having a tuned Civic Hatchback Sport CVT driving long distances? Should one flash back to stock tune when going on like a 350 mile road trip? Looking to have a completely stock setup but with a Mishimoto Intercooler and Phearable 1.5 Non-Si Tune on Low Boost Map ~15PSI**.
  11. Need Help Deciding On Door Handles

    Here's my build for reference.
  12. Robot3RK Build

    My White Orchid Pearl 2019 Civic Hatchback Sport (Non-Touring) CVT Build in no particular order. PERFORMANCE: 1. 27WON Cold Air Intake 2. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar Signature Orange 3. Ultra Racing Trunk Lower Brace/Lower Rear Strut Bar 4. Mishimoto MMINT-CIV-16SL Intercooler Silver 5. KTuner...
  13. Is there any big exhaust tips that can be bolted on the Sport Hatchback?

    Looking to increase the size of the standard dual exhaust with bolted on exhaust tips. Is there any good ones that work with the Sport Hatchback? Looking for bolt on not weld on tips. I have a 2020 diffuser on my 2019 Sport Hatchback. Must be able to fit under a 2020 Sport Hatchback Diffuser.
  14. OPT7 Universal LED Rear Spoiler Lip Kit

    Has anyone tried to install this kit on their Civic Hatch? Is drilling necessary for this install? I wanted to connect the two C lights together kind of similar to how some Civic Coupes have two of their tail lights connected together. Edit (Forgot to Add Link)...