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  1. New York FS: Ktuner v1.2

    Decided to sell my Ktuner V1.2 for $325/shipped. DM me if you’re interested.
  2. Civic Vs New Integra

    My 2 cents: I dig the looks alot, but to me, it’s just a “Canadian Spec” Si in hatchback-form. IMO, I feel like they slapped an Acura badge on it, and said “Here, go play in traffic, and pay thousands more for this one, while gas is $7/gal.“ 🤣🤣
  3. New York FS: Progress RSB 20.5mm

    I purchased this used 20.5mm Progress RSB from another member, but I never installed it. Decided to go a different route. (FYI: for size reference, the Type-R factory RSB is also 20.5, so any trim below that, this progress RSB is an upgrade) $100.00/flat for locals paying cash. Willing to...
  4. New York FS: OEM Type-R engine cover (fits LX & Sport)

    It does not, but the existing bolts from the k20c2 work as well 👍🏻 This is just for the cover.
  5. New York FS: OEM Type-R engine cover (fits LX & Sport)

    Obviously this applies to the CTR and the 2.0 n/a, as they share the same valve cover part number. It’s brand new, just opened for pic. Keep it red or paint it custom!🤷🏻‍♂️ Fitment: K20C1 (type R) K20C2 (LX, Sport) K20C4 (18+ Accord 2.0) K20C6 (21+ Acura TLX) Selling for $150/shipped Any...
  6. Pennsylvania Aftermarket Partout

    Hey Kane666, Can I get an update here? Since I can’t get an answer in pm, I’ll ask again here in public. Been sitting in “label created” status for a WEEK now?? From 5/11 to 5/17? To get from PA to NY?? Let’s go dude, where we at???
  7. Pennsylvania Aftermarket Partout

    Money sent for Progress RSB 👍🏻 Free bump bump GLWS on the rest!
  8. Tennessee FS: KTuner V1.2 300$

    Money sent, sold to me 😎👍🏻
  9. Tennessee FS: KTuner V1.2 300$

    Sent pm
  10. New York WTB: Tein S-tech for non-Si

    If you have some, send me a Dm plz & thx.
  11. 265/35 tire with 18x9.5 wheel (pic request)

    Does anyone have pics of their Civic, specifically an 18x9.5 wheel, with a 265/35 tire? Thanks in advance!
  12. Question about suspension between 10th and 11th gens…

    Yeah makes sense. I’ve been giving it thought and the safer bet might be Eibach Sportlines. Still gets rid of some wheel gap looks like. I’m not overly attached to the idea of a 2 inch drop per sé. Just gotta get rid of the factory gap…?
  13. Question about suspension between 10th and 11th gens…

    So I had the 2018 Si coupe, and now that’s gone and I now have a 2022 Sport Hatchback. (Now before we go further, I’m fully aware of civicXI but there WAY more people here to talk with since the 11th is still somewhat new) 1. So from what I found, It appears the 10th hatchback could get D2...
  14. CTR LE #321 has arrived to my store.

    At what point did I say this post was a "for sale" post? I said nothing other than the store I work for got the car yesterday and if anyone had questions etc... And for those of us that do reading and things, I said above that "we haven't been informed of the selling price yet." That would...
  15. CTR LE #321 has arrived to my store.

    LOL yeah, the car will have definitely have a market adjustment. It's just hasn't been announced to us yet, how much over sticker it will be.
  16. CTR LE #321 has arrived to my store.

    I personally pulled this off the truck a moment ago, parked it in the garage, gave the keys to the boss. This thing is YELLOW for mssg me with questions if any...
  17. 2021 Type R limited edition

    Our L.E. allocation will be here in about 1-2 weeks. Our location is still undecided on a selling price at this time.