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  1. Upper windshield moulding?

    The brand was Quiet view. Safelite did come back and do an acceptable job fixing it, though there was some residue on the side window and on the hood. So, they did make it right, at least.
  2. Lurker_J's Burrows ('18 Si Sedan)

    I actually used several different sizes and never found one that fit. I try to be gentle if I use the trunk, since it basically takes me to work and back I avoid it most of the time.
  3. Upper windshield moulding?

    I didn't ask what the glass was. It was Safelite, which I don't plan on using again. Lesson learned the hard way, unfortunately.
  4. Upper windshield moulding?

    So, I had to get my windshield replaced due to a foot long crack from the edge inwards. There's a lip at the top of the windshield now, the glass installer claims it's a bad windshield. It matches up in the upper corners, but the gap from glass to roof panel is pretty noticeable in the center...
  5. 10th Gen Civic Sports Grille?

    I've seen a couple FB posts that said that site was terrible. Someone claimed they were sent the wrong item and customer service was a pain to deal with. I do love the look of that grille, though. I'd look around to see who made it and try to order it direct.
  6. Switching some interior parts to leather

    Looks correct to me, but I only swapped out the door pieces (it's a different process than the sedan, I think most videos show sedan).
  7. 18 coupe rear window louvers.... pics

    Sounds like a good idea. After having mine on for a year, I decided to unbolt it, change the crappy plastic nuts out for metal ones (I painted them black), and give the rear window a well-deserved cleaning. One of the metal brackets came off, so I stuck it on with some proper 3m brand auto tape...
  8. Ktuner mount location

    I bought a wedge shaped mount from an Civic FB group member. Ktuner clips to it and wedges perfectly into the cubby under climate control. I can easily remove it if needed, with no trace left behind, but it doesn't wiggle around.
  9. OFFICIAL Phearable stage 1.5 vs TSP stage 1 comparison

    I've run TSP stage 1 for a little over a year, and Phearable (without GOD mode) for about a week. 93 octane. My impressions: Phearable feels smoother and more suited to daily driving, but doesn't feel as fast. TSP felt like it launched better, and because of how aggressive the throttle response...
  10. Has anyone removed the Si front badge??

    Here's a picture of it from the back, I have an aftermarket grille so I dug this one out for research. 2018 coupe. Looks like you'd have a little black square, but you'd have to remove it to unscrew the emblem.
  11. Has anyone removed the Si front badge??

    I believe the emblem is mounted to a "SI" shaped piece of plastic in the grille, so it's not going to look great just removing the emblem. I'd recommend just purchasing a grille without the badge and installing it.
  12. What does everyone think of the upcoming Mazda3 2.5Turbo?

    It'll certainly be interesting. It looks to be geared more towards refinement than fun. But it seems very squarely aimed at the WRX.
  13. New Clutch in the works for cheaper...

    In case you missed the other FB comments, this retro fit kit is pretty much untested. They were in the process of installing their first one when they listed them for sale. Eman claimed it wasn't done right based on the pictures. Competition Clutch sounds promising, so that's what I'm keeping...
  14. Wheel Fitment - Scrub Radius

    I went with 235/40r18 on 18x8.5 with a 35mm offset. Besides scrub radius, you are also widening the wheel base with the lower offset, so it does change the handling a bit. It is very much about looks and personal taste, so do whatever you'll be happy with.
  15. New FX400 clutch kit installed

    Interested in hearing how this works out. CTR retro is a bit steep for me, but if I'm investing in a new clutch I only want to do it once, so I'll go for quality.
  16. Spacer Recommendations

    I debated putting spacers on, and wound up saving for wheels instead. It's around $300 for quality spacers and around $1000 for wheels, and I felt the wheels would be a safer option as well.
  17. Coupe’s

    Konig Dekagram, 18x8.5 and 35 offset.
  18. Coupe's Placement in the Lineup aka the most USDM Civic

    I knew this simply from trying to buy aftermarket tail lights for my coupe (they don't exist yet). Most cosmetic pieces are for the sedans. It does make sense, as coupes are not really practical as a family car or for cargo hauling. However, due to the absence of any competitors in the compact...
  19. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    I think with the current pandemic affecting the global economy and manufacturing, it is very unlikely to see any big changes in the near future. When the economy tanked last time, we lost several brands and many models of vehicles. I'm guessing any funds that were headed towards retooling...
  20. DEPO smoked side markers

    Definitely check out the Unity Performance lights, they are hands down the best looking and based out of Canada which makes it better for you.