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  1. Indiana Ktuner V2 + TSP One+

    Bump price drop to 450 shipped
  2. Indiana Ktuner V2 + TSP One+

    Bump bump
  3. Indiana Ktuner V2 + TSP One+

    price drop to 475 shipped
  4. K.cont jumping

    I really hope so. I figured I let it run down to E and fill her up again.
  5. K.cont jumping

    I have a 2019 Si and has about 60k miles. I noticed lately just driving around town and highway it's been spiking up to .61 from normally always at .48-.49 and kinda jumping around. I have the tsp+ tune and been running it since it been out and never seen this. What are some causes of k.cont to...
  6. Indiana Ktuner V2 + TSP One+

  7. Indiana Ktuner V2 + TSP One+

    Hello I have a 2019 Civic Si and i'm returning my car back to stock. I have a Ktuner V2 that comes with the TSP one+. Asking 500 shipped. I can send photos of it unmarried once someone ready to buy. I can ship ASAP. Also I been tuned for about 45k+ miles on stock everything and haven't had any...
  8. How are our 10th gen Si owners feeling now?

    This hits the nail on the head. The gutted this car. If we got the one Canada got I would be all over this. But as it stands like you said coming from a 10gen I wouldn't buy it. I think they dropped the ball on this one... At least the U.S version. It lost too much to cost more.
  9. Aftermarket/OEM Si grille

    Man I'm with you. I wanna get aftermarket one but I too wanna keep the Si badge and kinda in a tasteful location on the grill like where it sits OEM. I can do with the honda H also. I wonder if anyone know a grill that has this or someone who has added it and have pics.
  10. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Dang man.... I seriously didn't know that. Figured it just lock it to map 1 til it's plugged back in. Lol well you learn something new everyday. Thanks
  11. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Wait you can unplug the ktuner v2 and still change to map 3?
  12. TSP Stage 1+ vs Phearable Stage 1.5R ?

    Good stuff I guess I probably pull the trigger on 1+. I like the discount they are offering. So do you have to have sport mode on to get max power still?
  13. TSP Stage 1+ vs Phearable Stage 1.5R ?

    Are you on stock clutch? I had the tsp stages 1 and had no issues on stock clutch but I wonder if the + will send it over lol
  14. Kentucky FS: kTuner v2 mount for under radio stack

    Yeah I also would like one
  15. post your custom interiors in this thread

    Good stuff man! I just popped off my door panel today and I thought it could use alot more then what is used. I was surprised how little was behind it. I was thinking of starting with all the door panels and maybe floor. Im not to handy with this type stuff so I don't wanna jack up my interior lol
  16. post your custom interiors in this thread

    You didn't take pics or video of you doing the sound deadening and where you did it at did you? Is it a very noticeable difference?
  17. HELP! Broke my Side view mirror (passenger side)

    where you get your mirror? lmao i have to do this next week. hopefully its the right part lol. did you program it?
  18. post your custom interiors in this thread

    hope someone post if they have katzkin leather. trying to figure out if i should buy that upgrade. I wonder if anyone also got the cooled seats
  19. my first "new" car!

    Also if you mean like changing the background with your own pics, my 2019 si I had to use a thumb drive. I also just wanted a cold air intake and power bump. I ended up going with 27won intake cause it looks very clean and got a ktuner and tsp stage 1 tune. That right there alone change how the...