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  1. Update on my Boosted K20C2

    Hey man! I’m sure you guys know me, some of you guys love me some don’t. Almost a whole year since I’ve boosted it, and I haven’t had zero issues other than more frequent oil changes, injector swaps, or very minor problems. Fully enjoy it, been tuned since August of 2019, dyno sheets to show it...
  2. First Bolt on K20C2 turbo kit for SALE

    Bolt on K20C2 turbo kit for sale! Zero problems with it. Just moving into another car and trying to go back to stock. Everything is custom fabricated, one of a kind at the moment. Message me on here if you’re interested or on IG @markiepacheco! Thank you
  3. Anybody in here selling a KPro ?

    I’m looking into buying a KPro. Message me with prices thank you !
  4. First Boosted K20C2!

    Hey guys! I’m an owner of the very first Boosted K20C2 2018 Civic Lx. Really enjoy this car so much that I dropped a big load of cash on a whole custom turbo kit ! Follow me on IG @markiepacheco for videos and updates on it ! Any questions ? I’ll answer them below!