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  1. My 2018 Honda Civic Sport

    Nice! I have the Si Rear Sway Bar with Accord Endlinks but I should've definitely went for the Whitelines! Darn it! Can't turn back time to do that... anyways, it is still good.
  2. 10th Gen Civic Hatchback Front Lip

    Here you go.
  3. PRL Cobra CARB approval?

    It's stuck in limbo for a few years already. It will not be CARB approved for a long time. Might not at all possibly
  4. Steering wheels

    How much did you pay for the Matte real carbon? How do ya like it over OEM stock steering wheel?

    Hi. I am interested in getting your steering wheel. Where in NorCal are you located? Are you in the Bay Area?
  6. FK7 All Red Tail Lights?

    The HRS FK7 V3 design looks ugly imo. V1 and V2 look much better. Personally, I am sticking with the OEM lights as I like the destinct 10th Gen Civic claw design.
  7. California SoCal Part Out

    I have FK7 Sport not FK8. Oh so it should be simply straight plug n play for me in terms of fitment or compatibility?
  8. California SoCal Part Out

    You've made it to fit the FK7 perfect?
  9. California SoCal Part Out

    How much for the used MSD RACE IGNITION COILS (10k miles)?
  10. California SoCal Part Out

    Darn, I just missed it. If you only you posted this a bit earlier. I was visiting my family back in SoCal for the weekend and now I am in progress of heading back to NorCal...
  11. Recommend tires for me

    I thought the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus has been discontinued and replaced or superseded by Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4. I live in California so I am rocking the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S which are summers.
  12. Losing interest... help me fall back in love

    When I drove this Honda Civic FK7 Hatchback Sport for the first time I felt it was the right car for me. After I found out the amazing car community this has and all the aftermarket modifications you can do to it, I got hooked! Car drives amazing and every new mod I add keeps me going with it...
  13. My V2 Digital Display Screen - Uh Oh

    You basically have a KTunerV1.2 since you can't use the screen anymore lol. Why did you remove it and left it unplugged for several months? Seems strange to do that. Did you live in a shady area where break ins or theft happens at the time?
  14. Weird CVT transmission jerk

    It's normal. I have CVT and have same feeling. Mine is tuned and also have Type R RMM which is actually the same as the Si and Civic Manual. Only the CVT Civics have plastic RMM. You have nothing to worry about. Even back when I was stock I had the same issue as well.
  15. oberstja Rallye Red Sport Hatch

    Keep the Type R spoiler. Especially since you got a true size one rather than the cheaper low quality undersized one. Such a hassle to remove it and sell it. It's already good imo. Why remove when it's already good?
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I painted on the rectangle badge area that you have green tape on. The new OEM Badge I ordered still sticks to it hard.
  17. Robot3RK Build

    More Pics. Hood Pics below almost look the same except I got a new battery recently and fixed the ground wire to give it more slack under the 27WON bar.
  18. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    Wheels: Enkei T6R Gloss Black 18x8 +40 Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/40ZR18/XL 95Y BSW UTQG 300 AA A Summer Suspension: OEM Factory Stock
  19. 2019 Civic Touring CVT Build

    27WON is good.
  20. Today's San Jose In & Out Meet (Photo Bomb)

    That's a nice collection you got there! It was nice meeting you bro.