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  1. Car battery dying repeatedly

    Your first battery made it ~4 years? That's great. Mine lasted 2. My guess is your 2nd battery is simply a dud. Take it back where you bought it and swap it for a different one. I bet your issues will go away. These batteries nowadays suck, very hit or miss sometimes.
  2. A/C issues post repair

    Use the gage on the fill hose. I believe if the system is completely empty, it's gonna be 2 full cans. If it's just blowing warm on the driver side, 1 can will do it.
  3. A/C issues post repair They sell them on ebay too. A compressor is usually never "toast" but rather just leaking. And depending how big of a leak will determine how long a can lasts. They just replaced your condenser, correct? If your a/c is cold again why are you...
  4. A/C issues post repair

    That was EXACTLY my thought. $1200 can buy many years worth of r1234yf. And there is no guarantee the new condenser won't cause a problem 2-4 years down the road and you'd be in the same boat, only $1200 poorer.
  5. A/C issues post repair

    My 2018 is a rebuilt. Front end damage, condenser was non OEM. So honda said no way - and rightfully so. But then they wanted $1200 for a new condenser, and went on to say if that didn't work they'd sell me a compressor for another $1200. They even used high pressure sales tactics to get me...
  6. Black stock exhaust tip?

    I've painted the inside of my 4" tips. My advice... Be careful with a pressure washer. Spray paint by itself doesn't stick very well to chrome. Before
  7. 1.5T Help, 21 Civic Sport won’t run

    Those numbers are excellent!!! You made out - big time. Especially once you get it fixed and running, it'll be worth 15-20k. Probably closer to 20. 👍 Unless I'm missing something, did they really believe there was over 25k in damages?!?!? That's quite a loss they're taking by totaling it.
  8. D2 springs and spacers rubbing

    I would bet it would solve your problem. Keep your spacers on. I'm on H&R springs with 20mm as well, and I don't have rubbing. I guess the tab mod only applies to 2017-18? That's you... I have a '19 and don't see those screws/tabs.
  9. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    I am loving my new Civic Hatch 6MT. I've had her for ~2 months. The 6MT is a blast compared to my CVT. And I think SGP is even better than lunar silver! (Don't tell em I said that)
  10. Civic #2 (Even better than the first)

    Civic #2 (Even better than the first)

  11. D2 springs and spacers rubbing

  12. 1.5T Help, 21 Civic Sport won’t run

    Sorry this happened. I can't answer your questions, but I'm curious how much it costs to buy it back? And did they give you a fair price for it?
  13. Bought a 2nd Sport Hatch (SGP beauty!)

    Gave her a bath today and took some more pics. 😍 My helper, 6 month old boxer pup
  14. Losing interest... help me fall back in love

    I actually loved the 370z, but only 2 seats was a deal breaker for me after discussions with the wife. So, my opinion on that above was misleading. It's more that I wasn't allowed to get one. LOL If that doesn't apply to you, I would buy one. g35 was too cramped inside. Too old. Too...
  15. You see some crazy sights in Death Valley....

    If there was ever a time for a "Confused" emoji in the Like options....this is it.
  16. Losing interest... help me fall back in love

    This was gonna be my advice. I've driven dozens of cars on our recent quest for a third car. Here are a dozen examples or so: Genny Coupe, Veloster, Veloster N, Elantra GT, Forte SX, Forte Koup, Forte GT, Type R, newer Si, older Si, CR-Z, 350z, 370z, G35, G37, Altima Coupe, etc. Nothing...
  17. Bought a 2nd Sport Hatch (SGP beauty!)

    First off, why do I have 2 civic hatch sports? We needed a third vehicle and after a a very exhaustive search, I couldn't find any car that I liked better than my hatch (except for a Type R that I almost bought, and this 2019 Sport Hatch of course). I checked out dozens and dozens of used cars...
  18. 1.5T Multiple CELs/ACC lights after flash tune

    I had a tuning issue that caused a dashboard christmas tree, but it was because I selected "Disable VSA" in my FlashPro software. After some feedback from Hondata on why that option is bad for our cars, I deselected that option and the dash lights went away. I doubt that's your problem but...
  19. 1st attempt at CVT transmission fluid change

    I hope these people that are bashing non-oem fluids are realizing they are doing essentially the same thing when they switch over to mobil-1 synthetic motor oil. The CVT fluid he is referencing is designed specifically for Honda CVT transmissions. It will be fine. It's a quality fluid.
  20. Type r shift lever assembly install in a base civic

    I've driven a 2017 CTR and absolutely loved the shifter. That's what made me want to upgrade my shifter in the first place. Now I have the 2020 shifter and it feels very similar. The only difference I can tell is the height of the 2020 knob sits a little lower. Otherwise, they are identical...